Step by step instructions on how to import music to the NOVAFiDELITY X-Series over your network from a PC (e.g. iTunes) or NAS drive.
Từ khóa: NOVAFiDELITY Tips & Tricks – How to import music over a network

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  1. Duncan

    I'm having some trouble connecting my X12 to PC via wireless network. I can access my wi-fi hub ok and use the I-radio function but cannot seem to Add Share a network through the Browser menu and, contrary to the support videos, no network is detected automatically or from a manual scan ("Not found server" error message). I have enabled the Samba app, Webserver and restarted the device but still no joy.

    On my PC (Windows 10), I have checked that the network connection is enabled and it can pick up two Media Devices: "cocktailAudio-X12 MediaRenderer" and "cocktailAudio-X12 MediaServer", but neither are accessible drives (nothing happens when I double click and only Properties info is available to view).

    Am I missing something or is it likely that my X12 is faulty?

  2. Ashby Magna Village Hall Email A/c

    Hi – I am having trouble connecting my X10 to my laptop so I can access itunes. I keep getting an error "requires authentication for share" or "failed to scan share". Can you tell me where I am going wrong? I have set all folders to "share – everyone" on the laptop but still cannot get the X10 to connect.

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