Nike FC Presents the Footballverse

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Nike FC Presents the Footballverse

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  1. They did Dinho dirty but it makes sense in a way. In that era literally EVERYONE watched his magic on YT, especially to learn and counter.

  2. just had to get the women in there didnt they abslutely zero match for the legends in this video so cringey just included for diversity etc etc

  3. Y Nike, lo vuelve a hacer!, Superando al comercial "La cascarita del siglo" de Adidas, brutal!!!…

  4. El comercial más pendejo de la historia, no podrían nadie de ellos con Ronaldinho y Ronaldo Nazario.

  5. Esté comercial esta mejor que el de Adidas, osea el de Adidas no esta mal, pero esté por favor, por favor, haber, el de Adidas invita a estrellas del presente y no muero muchas, en cambio aquí son muchas, del pasado, presente y un vistazo al futuro, todo para buscar al mejor de todos los tiempos, The G.O.A.T

  6. Y yo esperaba que al final aparecieran Maradona y Pele en sus Primes 😔
    Pero igualmente este comercial fue sublime

  7. WHAT IF?…el equipo pepsi 2002 ( Ronaldo, batistuta, roberto carlos, rivaldo, cafu, nesta ) contra los jugadores actuales( Messi, Cristiano, Mbappe, Haaland, Griezman, Ramos )…🤩

  8. When you think about it, it makes sense they'd include an Inazuma Eleven cameo. For everyone saying they expected Tsubasa, literally no these days knows what that is. There hasn't been any new Tsubasa content for years. Inazuma Eleven is still currently relevant, plus it has a lot of nostolgic connection to a lot of people. Plus, for the context of the cameo they obviously needed someone who'd be too OTT to be fair (hence the "no fictional characters" gag). Most of the stuff in the advert is already exaggerated, so moves from Captain Tsubasa wouldn't seem too crazy in comparison. Gouenji flying in the air and performing Fire Storm does, though.

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