Nadine Dorries insists she’s still ‘working daily’ for her constituents

Nadine Dorries has claimed she is ‘still working daily’ for her constituents after a senior Tory MP urged Rishi Sunak to strip her of the post of party whip.

Caroline Nokes, who chairs the Women’s and Equality Select Committee, has called on the Prime Minister to sack the former Culture Secretary as a Tory MP, accusing her of ‘mocking’ her seat in the Mid -Bedfordshire by refusing to step down as promised 10 weeks ago. .

Ms Dorries is also facing pressure within her own constituency to resign, with Shefford City Council and the town of Flitwick saying she is focused on ‘political maneuvering to embarrass the government’ and does not represent not his constituents.

But Ms Dorries, who has not spoken in Parliament for more than a year, retorted on Wednesday that she is “continuing” to do her job.

She gave a brief statement on the News Agents podcast saying that “political opponents, such as the Labor Flitwick City Council, choose the summer and the news-hungry media during the summer break to get noticed.”

She added that “myself and my team of four social workers work with voters on a daily basis”, adding: “We are just starting the work. »

Ms Dorries, who has been MP for Mid Bedfordshire since 2005, has angered opposition MPs as well as Tories by remaining in office long after she announced on June 9 that she would step down ‘with immediate effect’ in protest at the failure to get his job. a peerage in former Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s resignation honors list.

The Boris Johnson loyalist has been branded an ‘absent’ MP and a ‘persistent MP for Mid Bedfordshire’ as she has not spoken in the House of Commons since July 2022 and last voted in April to This year.

Ms Dorries claims she is delaying her exit from the Commons because she is investigating the case of her peerage nomination, which she says was blocked by Rishi Sunak’s team ‘to punish Boris’.

Last month Flitwick Borough Council in Mid Bedfordshire expressed “concern and frustration at the situation” and urged Ms Dorries to “step down immediately” from her seat.

In an open letter, the council accused Ms Dorries of focusing on her talk show on TalkTV and “political maneuvering to embarrass the government for not appointing you to the House of Lords” rather than representing voters.

Rishi Sunak also said Ms Dorries’ voters were not properly represented while she remained in office.

The prime minister said Radio LBC earlier this month: “I think people deserve to have an MP who represents them, wherever they are. »

“At the moment, people are not properly represented.”

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