Messi & Sergio Ramos … 🔥

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Messi & Sergio Ramos … 🔥

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  1. Today they were embraced in training , Tomorrow they will play their first game as teammates..
    Say Nothing, It's Football

  2. Ramos has always been a dirty player and bully.He is like one of those entitled, spoiled children from a private school who is insecure so bullies others. Bring him over here and I guarantee he will not be doing that dirty stuff.

  3. Ramos wanted to end Messi's career with injuries but the God of Messi never allowed that.
    Messi is Football and Football is Messi

  4. But that messi's tackle to ramos🥵😂.rare moment to see messi tackle someone.though it was intentionally messi showing ramos that else he can do.

  5. Almost all the tackles by Ramos against Messi are fouls. If he has to stop Messi with a foul then it tells me Messi is the greatest. He would have been better if he stopped Messi without making fouls. Messi, the Dhyanchand of Football, great player.

  6. I think Ramos became the only player who was able to get in Messi's at a point in time,maybe in history,bcuz they played so much against each other he learnt how to distort Messi's flow

  7. Messi siempre hizo y seguiría haciendo a Ramos, su p3rr4. Este vídeo demuestra el pésimo defensa que es Ramos, sucio, sin fair play, en fin. Messi lo ha hecho gatear, arrastrarse, le ha roto la espalda y ni así pudo con Messi. Un abismo de diferencia entre un crack y el c3rd0 de Ramos.

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