Mason Mount To LEAVE Chelsea?

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Mason Mount To LEAVE Chelsea?

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  1. Can someone in the comment section remember when Rory talked about rizla paper? What vid was that? Thanks in advance😂

  2. Wouldn't mind him st arsenal, can see arteta turning him into a very good player

  3. He's being heavily linked with us at Liverpool. Now my first thought was no way but the more I think about it the more I think he could be a potential replacement for Gini Wijnaldum who we never replaced. Him and Bellingham as part of a midfield 3 with a third more deeper midfielder could absolutely work the more I think about it.

  4. Harry Maguire and mount do the whole Q angle walk of women?? Why do you think they keep getting selected even thought they don't play good for england or whatever…TRANS AGENDA IN SPORT….

  5. I think Adam is spot on, it's about consistency and that's a huge problem at Chelsea at the moment, some players are playing 45-60 minutes in one game and then not playing for another 2 games. There needs to be a more consistent framework around the starting 11.

  6. The issue is, he will inevitably go to one of Chelsea's direct top 6 rivals, be used effectively, and improve them.

  7. Comparing Mount to Kalvin Phillips is like comparing Haaland to Saliba. Does this guy know anything about football?

  8. 06:00 Rory. Ashley Cole didn't say something that was in debatable bad taste. He broke the rules. He was found guilty of making contact with a rival club over a possible move, without getting permission from his current employers. He was fined £75k and his agent was also fined (£100k) and banned for 18 months.

  9. As a United fan I can say with 100% confidence, I would not take Mason Mount.

  10. Mount doesn't have lot work to do only numbers goal or assist because his is overrated and useless

  11. Not a Chelsea player, he hides to much ,side ways and backwards, scared to make positive decisions,sell him all day

  12. Mason mount is one of the best players in Chelsea; but his form is atrocious, if he went to a better manager he would be outrageous. Rory, you make no sense kid.

  13. Watching three people make a living talking about a subject they know so little about gives me hope

  14. Can someone tell me what happened with these guys and The Kick Off?

  15. Rory has a hate boner for Pulisic lol. He always attacks him even when he isn’t part of the discussion. Here he defended Mount by saying “Mount scored against Real Madrid in the semis”. Someone should tell him Pulisic did the same.

  16. Rory i have decided to change my stance on everything i have ever said and may change it back next week. Mount another over rated english player

  17. i wouldn't sell Mount but he needs to get his form back to be given the money and tbh the new signings aren't on some crazy money I think want to be up there with Reece i understand if he moves. some Chelsea fans his form on potter but come on

  18. #GlazerOut At all costs we see your games to stay, we are succeeding despite you. Please take the Cash and Fk off. Channels and groups need to Organise this is the future of our club.

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  20. Chelsea Pecking order for mount’s Position

    #10 is Joao Felix> Nkunku > Havertz > Mount

    #6/#8 Kante>Enzo> Kovacic> Zakaria> Gallagher> Mount

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