Man Utd's Greatest Ever Midfielders – David Beckham

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Man Utd's Greatest Ever Midfielders – David Beckham

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  1. Some great goals, but his real strength was the confidence he gave forwards to play their game knowing they would be found.

  2. Growing up as a Manchester Utd fan I saw David Beckham win domestic trophies after trophies and The Champions League and I remember his goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon and always appreciated David Beckham's technique at freekicks and passing and his combination down the right wing with Gary Neville and his crossing ability during the Ruud Van Nistelrooy era. Ruud Van Nistelrooy goals dried up when David Beckham left for Real Madrid and I remember Ruud Van Nistelrrooy was a big signing for Manchester Utd and I was excited about his passing the fitness medical and it took ages for his signing to Manchester Utd when I was at Secondary School and thinking we need a great striker to win The Champions League again and The Premier League and FA Cup and League Cups whatever name they were like The Coca Cola Cup or Worthington Cup or whatever name it is it is always The League Cup. I always had hamstring problems and was overweight and didn't work on my shooting technique with the side of my foot. David Beckham is a World Class footballer and an iconic good looking role model. But Michael Laudrup made me realise how important it is to study technique with the side of your foot to understand how World Class David Beckham was at Manchester Utd and a great humble man and David Beckham is such a brave professional footballer who handled the press appropriately and with dignity when he was sent off at The World Cup '98 in France and I admired his dignity and always have liked him and he is a role model and a legendary footballer we can all look up to and it is difficult not to be in awe of him and what a nice man and he is a winner and an ambassador for World Football and a legendary Manchester Utd and Real Madrid and LA Galaxy and English football legend and Manchester Utd legendary footballer and one of the greats of Manchester Utd ❤🖤💚💛🤍💙💖💯

  3. Best English midfielders are 👉Hargreaves, Beckham and Gerrard
    The coaches never play them together and i even saw Hargreaves being played as a right back
    2006wc would have been perfect with Joe Cole Rooney Owen at the top

  4. What Beckham lacked in ability – pace; tackling; left foot – he made up for with having a great right foot.

  5. My god becks takes some shit all this he wasn't a great footballer I've yet to see anyone in todays football who gives everything and can pass and cross like him he was fantastic

  6. I have watched football for a long, long time I have seen Cruyff, Maraddonna, Pele, Ronaldo, a lot of the greats but IMO David Beckham was the best first time crosser of the ball that I have ever seen.

  7. beckham is good but mihailovic is far better…. the player I know who score a hattrick of free kick in one game

  8. I am Man But honestly i have to say "He is not Man.Untd. greatest midfielder ever". He is great though.
    Roy Kean, Paul scholes, Nicky Butt, Ryn Giggs..and still more..were equally great.

  9. Now people started to realise how good is David Beckham because in this era, we couldn't find anyone play like him.

  10. Underrated as years have gone on. Teams would kill for his technique and workrate these days.

  11. If i'm not mistaken, beckham never wear short sleeves jersey.. or he rarely wears it…

  12. many footballers have scored long range loop goals. after that Wimbledon goal, la liga has Roger scoring a similar goal but only David Beckham scoring such goals will be remembered and replayed forever. and that Roger goal, has since barely mentioned and literally completely forgotten in football history

  13. Not a brilliant player but a decent one, great crosser and free taker of a ball

  14. Other passer to other player : try to find the ball
    Beckham : relax guys, my ball will find you

  15. When I said Beckham can score better free kick goals than zidane those zidane fans comes up with the goal against England is enough to shut my mouth. Beckham is a great player on his own way. Zidane is a great player but to say he is goat of midfield because there is Rivaldo Vieira xabi Alonso ballack totti beckham and the list will go on. When I said zidane couldn't do the stuff Maradona and Rivaldo did for their country they said zidane have won two world cup. I said Ronaldo 9 have won 3 world cups. They said I am taking rubbish.

  16. Ahhh beckham… at the moment , his freekick is like some comic shit scene for me as a kid

    And dont forget his hair is like westlife too …

  17. In FPL, dam he gave me a lot of points.
    And when football was football, no stupid haircuts or tatooed arms, just plain simple football, miss those days..

  18. Very underrated and handed the fame impeccably well. Should never have gone to the States when he did though.

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