Man City 3-2 Liverpool | The Final Whistle

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Man City 3-2 Liverpool | The Final Whistle

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  1. "KDB was average"?!? He had two assists and would also have had a goal if it wasn't for Fabinho's brilliant positioning and shot blocking. Lung-busting runs, breaking the lines and 16 crosses from KDB including that incredible cross Ake should have scored from just before half-time.

    City dismantled Liverpool on many occasions and should have scored about 6 last night. At one point Ake had more shots on target than the whole Liverpool side.

    No mention of Liverpool fan's throwing coins and p*ss down onto the City fans below I notice.

    It's never their fault is it? They mustn't have got the letter.

  2. Need to buy two central midfielders next month . Another striker & centre half will be needed for the start of next season . Time for Hendo to retire from internationals .

  3. Fabinho has had one of the biggest falls I’ve ever seen from a top level player
    He is absolutely washed now

  4. Liverpool seem to want to throw far 2 many kids into the mix our first team squad is going to be filled with academy players I heard that pep linders in an interview the other day going on about bobby Clark ,doak and a few others the words he used were these youngsters are like 3 new signings that worries me alot ,it's seems that you don't need to be anything really special anymore to make it to the first team anymore unless of course Tyler Morton ,bajetic Curtis Jones are going to turn out to be generational,we are already trying to develop Elliott and carvahlo we are turning into development FC and hopeing for the best, you think thiago wants to be playing with kids he left Bayern playing with kimmich and Leon goretzka to this non

  5. Fair play to City, they're a class team. From our point of view, we're in desperate need of investment, I pray we get new ownership soon and investment of about 200 million minimum in that squad

  6. I thought we were very poor today.

    Really poor goals to concede, all of them easily avoidable if players were a bit more switched on.

    We didn't retain the ball well.

    Our press wasn't very good.

    We weren't clinical enough.

    Looks like another injury in the squad with Milner.

    Disappointing generally.

  7. We brought on Henderson and Fabinho. Why weren't they starting?
    We didn't bring Virgil. Why wasn't he starting?
    We brought on Keita and Ox. Did we teleport back to 2018 when these lads were actually decent?
    Klopp made some very questionable decisions about personnel last night and I think alot of last nights blame falls there.
    Oh yeah I forgot, agherm

  8. There was a time when I thought Gomez was going to become a great player. I think all of these injuries were always going to disturb his development and confidence. I hope he can turn this around but I don't think he's good enough anymore.

  9. There's a reason ward and Co are fucking off, they've fucked it, they've managed to allow years of being in an advantageous position and without capitalising on it and building, they've allowed the squad to age, lose its legs, energy, depleat, our depth in terms of quality if not at an elite level, it just isn't.
    I love Jimmy Milner, and I like Nat Philips, but that substitution and move around involving Gomez shouldn't be happening in 2022, to even start with Milner at RB again is nuts, he's not shite obviously, but against City it's not good enough.

  10. Gomez shocking Nunez wank. Makes amazing runs but doesnt even look like scoring. He doesn’t even think he’s going to score !!!

  11. We need a defensive coach. We need a full rebuild.. I’m not joking Sell VVD (past it), Gomez (not good enough), Keita, Ox (injury prone), Milner (not good enough the last 18 months), Fabinho (lost the hunger), Tiago (injury prone, defensive liability) and keep short term Hendo and Firmino as we look to replace them. Curtis Jones (sorry to say this as I like him but can’t score at top level and injury prone, physically weak defensively)

  12. they lacked quality midfielders , city had full control of the game , fabinhno and henderson killed the game , they were never going to change the game , fabinho is the worst footballer i ve ever seen, he cant even move 1 meter with the ball , forget a good forward pass , nunez is so bad with his feet, why does he not use his left foot if he cant strike on target with his right foot

  13. FSG OUT, keita out, alex ox out, gomez out, curtis jones out, middle east let's buy liverpool, enzo, amrabat,james maddison or rapphinha from barcelona

  14. If someone who has literally never watched ball and was asked who were the defending champions in the games it was city what a lineup and bench I think klopp never wanted this cup.JOE GOMEZ is just so dead.

  15. Need 6 players no debt in the squad at all look at city's bench it's a joke
    The owners need to go asap they holding back this team/manager for the last 6years

  16. What BS from Erroll there. Only City and United left in this competition. We should have went for it…

  17. What a poor analysis, talking Gobshite
    Awful performance in mid, defense, and attack (other than 2 moments). Only kelleher had a good game despite conceding 3.

  18. Naby Keita couldn't look like he wanted to be there any less. Waste of a body, no heart, no fitness, no intelligence. His stupid yellow card summed it up for us

  19. Our squad is absolutely crap. We need three world class midfielders. One in Jan and two in Summer

  20. I knew Nunez would miss the 2nd half chance because he knew he'd miss, it's why he was so desperate to pass it

  21. Not bothered by the result but Nunez finishing is so poor. Composure is not in his dictionary.

  22. Darwin is a bum 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dont forget everyone was comparing him to haaland. Neutral

  23. We were never gonna win with that team, Gomez was appalling, slower than a brick, ox did nothing, keita did nothing, milly injured, they all have to go!

  24. I'd swap Origi for Nunez anyday of the week he's a 1 In 5 chance scoring striker when he's 1on 1 no one expects a goal

  25. The fact that we continue to concede chances shows that the WC came at the wrong. We were so open at times-it was scary!

  26. I'm still fed up. Poor starting line up. Conceded the middle of the park from the first minute. Nunez was garbage.

  27. Can tell the rest of the squad was on holiday for the whole time. Should have been training the whole time and playing practice matches behind closed doors.
    Out of shape and lacked sharpness.

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