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The news of Luis Rubiales’ resignation, three weeks after his unsolicited kiss and categorical refusal to resign, sparked outrage everywhere Spain and around the world, was greeted as a victory for feminism, even as questions swirled around her decision to make the announcement in an English-language interview.

Late Sunday evening, the president of the Spanish Football Federation said that after speaking with family and friends, he had come to the conclusion that he had no choice but to resign After he catched soccer player Jenni Hermoso by the head, pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on the lips during the World Cup medal ceremony in Sydney last month.

“They tell me, ‘Luis, now you need to focus on your dignity and move on with your life,'” Rubiales told Piers Morgan in a statement. clip posted online before an interview which will be broadcast on Tuesday.

Members of Spain’s interim government were quick to describe the announcement as a victory for feminism. “Transformation and improvement of our lives are inevitable,” said Acting Minister of Labor and Second Assistant Vice President Yolanda Díaz. wrote on social networks. “We stand with you, Jenni, and all women.”

The Acting Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, who was among the first to describe the kiss as a “form of sexual violence”, responded with the phrase “Se Acabó”, or it’s over, alluding to how the weeks-long ordeal had snowballed in a #MeToo moment for Spanish football.

Spanish media took advantage of the fact that Rubiales chose to break the news in an English-language interview with a journalist who was largely unknown in Spain.

On Monday, Spanish news sites were filled with explanatory articles seeking to introduce the country to Piers Morgan. “Is Women’s Day over yet?” A look at Piers Morgan, the macho journalist to whom Rubiales gave the exclusive on his resignation”, wrote the right-wing newspaper The Razon.

On the Cadena Ser channel, radio personality Àngels Barceló note: “Arguably, Rubiales was interviewed by Rubiales himself: a journalist known for his sexist comments…it’s no surprise that Rubiales felt comfortable in the conversation.”

Joan Vehils condemned Rubiales for this decision, writing on Diario Sport news site: “Rubiales preferred fame and the language that is not his own, rather than speaking clearly in Spain. This is another piece of evidence that shows he doesn’t understand. At all.”

Late Sunday, Morgan released another excerpt from the interview, in which Rubiales said his decision came after the speech. in which he struck to “fake feminism” and pledged to remain head of football.

“The situation has changed so much from the time I said ‘I’m not going to resign’ to now,” he told Morgan. “It’s changed so much in three weeks.”

A few hours after this fiery speech, Fifa announced that it temporarily suspend Rubiales. Soon after, those who had warmly applauded the 46-year-old as he repeated “I will not resign” five times began issuing statements. distance oneself of his behavior.

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In a press release published Sunday eveningRubiales denounced the “disproportionate campaign” against him and suggested that “the powers that be would obstruct my return.”

Weeks after the unsolicited kiss was filmed and footage emerged of him grabbing her crotch as La Roja won the World Cup, Rubiales said he would continue to defend himself. “I have faith in the truth and will do everything in my power to ensure it prevails,” he wrote.

Journalist Vehils called these statements “further proof that he lives in an unreal world,” pointing out that even while resigning, Rubiales continued to make mistakes.

“The damage he has caused to the image of Spain is incalculable,” he added. “At the moment, Spanish football and especially women’s football have won. However, I fear that the Rubiales show is not over.

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