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  1. If he goes to city there is zero chance his reputation will be hurt even if city gets charges. You should know this. If you don’t you are even more bias than I thought

  2. Bullshit he will say no Danny G will convince him to come to F*ckin Birmingham Craig would get battered if he came to Smethwick he will break his f*ckin legs You will see

  3. Yeah, I'm trying not to assume we'll sign him. But, what I always go back to (that half convinces me we will) is the fact Jude signs LFC shirts. I mean, why would you sign a shirt of a club you've not played for?? I just don't think a player would do that. I would say, oh its just cos he's nice lol, but didn't he refuse to sign a Man Utd shirt last year? LOL

  4. I can see us selling Salah to fund Bellingham. Salah signed a new contract last year but with the understanding he will be free to leave this year but Liverpool will get a nice fee for him The same thing happened with Suarez.

  5. with mo salah i think it depends on if liverpool qualify for ucl if they dont i think salah will follow the footsteps of suarez and go to barcelona cause salah is 30 now and he doesnt want to waste any year not playing in ucl but with bellingham he is very young so even if liverpool dont qualify i still think bellingham will sign

  6. Phil Foden will not be fit for this weekend’s Premier League game at home to Liverpool and it is unclear at this stage how long he will be unavailable for

  7. Checked on FotMob just before i came across this video,funny how they said that if it comes down to being 'dispassionate', he would join City over Liverpool,imagine joining a club that is only now having the taste of being dominant and challenging in the league,domestic cups and European Cups for only over a decade compared to club that has been challenging and dominating in the league,domestic cups and European titles when the club became to be what it is today with the talent and skills that he has he shouldn't be like Mbappe.Obviously it took its time but not as long as City,United dominanted and challenged for the league,domestic cups and European Cups before City was even being heard of only now with the money that they have for the most recent years made them what they are today,yes with respect to United to being the first English team to win the European Cup but Liverpool was bossing the football world without being so rich that they can be relegated from the league and being out of European Football for years

  8. Craig, if we do get Jude I would be shocked for 100M. We need to spend at least that much at the least on 4 or 5 other players for the team, as lots of our 1st team are over the hill.

  9. Wow that’s way higher then liverpools last transfer record for Darwin Nunez of 70m,a pair of signed dentures from James Milner and a packet of walkers ready salted

  10. The problem with Bellingham
    The ONLY problem is at his age he's played the same amount of minutes as ROONEY and OWEN both players notorious for injuries and career shortage.

  11. I think it would be a mistake for Liverpool to blow most, if not nearly all, of their transfer budget on one player. Even a player as good as Bellingham.

  12. Hi Craig,i am Reds fan for the longest of time,from South Africa,yes,we experiencing an up and down,season,blowing hot and cold ,but what certainly do not need all the fake news surrounding LFC,that's why i appreciate your channel. You certainly have a cleared view and may i add an informed view at that,thanks lad,much appreciated.

  13. Ndicka is a special talent but his agent are allegedly asking for a ridiculous signing on fee, take note the Bellingham news comes out and all of a sudden we’re linked to free transfers, the 97m offer isn’t true it’s an agent talking to a very bad site trying to get his name doing the rounds but we are and will get Bellingham I guarantee

  14. Look any real Liverpool FC now we as team can’t move forward until we have major rebuild and getting a decent midfielder Bellingham is part this regeneration

  15. For me it's Bellingham or Mount.

    You can't have both in team, and with Fab either finished or clearly needing back up as he has played more games than he ever should have since being there, he's tired.

    Not sure which is truth, but suicidal to have no back up again. Maybe they can do both and bring in back up on free, and that would find lot of depth, but can't see Mount wanting to come sit on bench, and you can't play both together

  16. My choice would be Bellingham, nunes and Gravenberch. All young and experienced. In winter or next summer we can focus on bringing gvardiol and young rw. Then we will have a younger squad and we can win hope to replicate outlet best form

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