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  1. i love the gas your giving ushited, fully deserved, but Mané wanted to leave … we didn't 'let him go'

  2. What liverpool have to do is get 2 top midfield players 1 number 6 to push fabinho or take his place and a world class number 8 to play with thiago maybe 3…. Go and tie konate down even longer give him a new deal then by a top class young centre back that you can groom for a couple of years and eventually bring in to replace virgil the forward line is done and set its great but the midfield and centre back positions need addressing big time that's what held them back this seaosn

  3. Not like you buvey to credit liverpool gakpo great signing but tge next day the club said they have stretched themselves financially and can't get a midfielder which I find ridiculous because as much as I love the gakpo deal a left winger that can play Central we have 3 of them already… This is the difference klopp cannot get the owners to go get him 4 or 5 top players in a window to help rebuild the team and address the issues 5 or 6 players leave at the end of season alot of them free transfers and fsg wont give him what he needs its a shame

  4. We needed a MIDFIELDER not another bloody forward we've got loads of them.And if KLOPP doesn't buy one well that's a massive failure on his part we got
    THIAGO & FABINHO who are all ageing and injury prone..Crazy

  5. Smart analysis from Buvey. Liverpool are not having the best season so far as Klopp continues the transition of youth and senior players. Gakpo, like Nunez and other youngsters are the beginning of that next phase. Unfortunately, we struggle to maintain our level every season unlike City and we seem to go through transitions after a season or two of immense success and consistency. I still think we can make the top three with 23 games still to play so anything is possible. Don't write us off yet even if we can't challenge for that top prize this season. Buvey is right about one thing, although we can't compete with them or Newcastle financially we can spend enough to get in some top players. Combine that with development of youth and good coaching then we will be back up there again soon.

  6. This Buvey guy… a city fan with a Southern accent… oh dear. Smells like a Johnny come lately plastic to me.

  7. 5 Substitutions in EPL and UCL and Liverpool now have a forward line up of Salah, Diaz, Nunez, Jota, Firmino, Gakpo… What a time to be a Liverpool supporter.

    If we do sign Bellingham, or Rice in Summer then next season we'll be back on City's Level.

  8. Whenever I see Buvey saying Liverpool has done well I start to wonder whether we actually f***ed up…

  9. I can’t believe he said “not many clubs can go and spend £40M like that🫰” literally every club in the premier league can do that!

  10. I used to dislike you buvey but I think you are starting to be more unbiased in your assessments and are a lot more honest.
    Fair play mate

  11. This guy is hyping up Gakpo just to destroy him afterwards as soon as Gakpo has any bad days, the guy is clearly playing mind games. Man City fans are really entitled people, they are lucky to have money from the Sheikhs of UAE

  12. liverpool act like leceister city is insane lol "maybe less net spend than city" is even funnier theyve literally sold to buy every time, going to point to individual prices to deter from the reality they havent splunked on hundreds of millions of garbage the way city can afford to for reasons we all know…

  13. LFC very competitive up front for spots now, hopefully it doesn't dim the squad harmony once everyone is healthy again. Still would like another signing in the midfield and maybe to sell Ox or Keita if it can be done at this point. I'm not sure this gets LFC over the hump for a truly competitive top 4 race, but the future looks bright

  14. Lets be honest youll react the same way with entitlement when your boyfriend bellingham joins someone else

  15. I find it interesting that it seems like Liverpool are more willing to spend now that reports of a sale are out. FSG might be trying to increase the value so there could be a loosening of the wallet. This Liverpool rebuild has me really excited for what is to come

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  17. As Liverpool fans I accept what he said… United fans is shameless..How their owners spend lots stil they crying… Imagine Their owner be like arsenal…they gonna die..

  18. This video was refreshing. As is the comments section. No bias, respect for opposition, genuine opinions.

  19. And it's newcastle that have no ceiling ? Signing Diaz nunez and now gakpo klopp hS lost all credibility

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