Liverpool OUT Of Top 4 Race! 😡

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Liverpool OUT Of Top 4 Race! 😡

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  1. 1:48 Lawrence Liverpool have been like this since Fulham at the start of the season. The season has been one too many for these players. Fatigue could have been reason but that’s not a factor as the season wore on. They should have found their rhythm by October. Players are done. There’s no team there. The players look like they are fed up with each other.

  2. I don't think the money spent has been wisely used. I think Klopp is done at Liverpool and that both club and manager would benefit from a break-up. Maybe one season more but unless the players look a lot better its time to move on.

  3. Jude Bellingham was always going to go to Manchester City as that is the only team that is guaranteed a Trophy because they win the Premier League every year

    Even this year Man Ciry are the favourites

    The premier league is a farmers league

    And what Liverpool need to do is exchange two of their strikers for three of Chelsea's Midfeild players

  4. A season to forget, there must be a revolution against oneself, and the team’s skin has become worn out. Eight players must be eliminated because they have lost the passion and fighting spirit that characterizes the Liverpool team throughout its history, and their mistakes are repeated weekly. Klopp must be dismissed and the Brighton coach appointed because he has ambition and ideas and can achieve his ambition through A big team like Liverpool, and if it is not possible to agree with the Brighton coach, the Liverpool administration will appoint any coach for a transitional period until the end of the season

    Klopp has become the problem, not the problem in the Liverpool team, which has six strikers of the quality of the players. Liverpool has enough good players. The problem is the coach Klopp's thought, which does not fit with the players currently in the Liverpool team. This is the truth.

  5. I get the negativity at the moment but lets keep our heads here, the team hasn’t been refreshed enough over the last 3 years, we’ve lost players and haven’t replaced them. I just think this side is done, simple as. But, I can see what Klopp is doing and with a few additions in the summer i can see this clicking. Darwin, Diaz, Gakpo, Salah, plus quality additions in midfield, I have faith in Klopp to get this right. And I think this season feels really bad because of how good we were last season.

  6. Klopp was blessed with a rare injury-free season, got a title, then proceeded to run the same players into the ground and got surprised when they all got injured at the same time.

    I’ve been saying Trent can’t defend for years, only LFC fans couldn’t see it, now they’re seeing it too late and don’t have a spare right back to drop him. I still speak to some fans who predictably bring up when he marked Sane in that game half a decade ago.

  7. The fight has gone out the team. They don’t get paid the big bucks like City to go out every season and play their best football and they don’t have the natural energy and vigour of Arsenal either. We’re a team in transition but some of these players are finished. If FSG aren’t spending big (or don’t have some free/smart transfers up their sleeve) then the next 2/3 seasons are gonna be spent just rebuilding the squad, not challenging for silverware.

  8. Even if we somehow signed Bellingham we would 2 to 3 more midfielders and 2 center backs because Matip is leaving and Van Dijk is not the same player he was. They would need to sign a Right back to compete with Ramsey and move Trent to midfield or sell him. If Caoimhin Kelleher leaves then sign a back up goalkeeper.

  9. Probably Manchester City's best performance of the season. The movement, passing, effort was something to behold. I almost think Liverpool would be better off playing less games next season. Interested in your opinion on that Laurence..? Obviously missing out on the Champions League would cost them financially. And potentially with recruitment… But it just seems Klopp needs a season to reset his squad.

  10. Honestly glad you got to enjoy : first prem ever, another champions league, and a never forget 7-0 over man u. Fuck city, an arsenal v Liverpool title challenge is overdue since the 80s!

  11. You don't join a club because they have a great history, you join them because they have a great future. Liverpool under FSG don't have a great future, so if I were Bellingham there would be several teams I would want to join ahead of Liverpool. Imo Arsenal would be a perfect fit for him, but if he wants instant success and trophies then he should join City or Madrid.

  12. Im sorry but what is this new system/new midfield that youre saying Klopp is doing? it looks the same to me from the previous years it just that the players have massively dropped off

    As much as I rate Klopp he just doesnt have a good plan B. His plan A is elite if he has the players for it but he is going to war with avg players at this moment and thats the reality of it

  13. Stupid post they being out off top 4 for months your boring now 👎👎 liverpool were allways going lose 4 1 should being 6 7 8 no defence no midefielders complete rubbish we are now cant wait for season to end even a poor chelsea will beat us and arsenal belucky to finish 10th juke aint going to man city as well and tbh he is overrated why would he look to arsenal over liverpool your a complete joke 2 games away last season from winning everything klopp will sort it all out for next season arsenal were awful last season look at liverpool will be back stop talking about liverpool players wanted to leave hate it

  14. My conspiracy theory is that people at the club didn’t want Pep Lijnders to publish his book, and because he did, all these teams now know how to play us 😂😂

  15. Amazing…..I thought Liverpool beating United 7-0 was the return of the greatest team ever. Obviously not, back to the continued decline that has been obvious for Liverpool all season.

    One swallow and all that. Anyway yeah….this lot are finished. They need an overhaul.

  16. Please tell us! Where is Klopp going with this process. In one moment you say “I know where they are going with this” and then say Klopp is not coaching then well. These videos just spin and spin like a record. I think you have finally landed the plane. Liverpool are not coached well. Period. “We couldn’t beat City with an extra man.” Also says he’s fine. Sounding more and more dissatisfied with his team. Not good.

  17. Disagree with the KD comparison. KD to GSW made the NBA title a non-starter. Not the case with Jude. Qatar-backed United, Newcastle and Boehly's Chelsea are not going anywhere lmao.

    Liverpool also wouldn't be Jude's team either surely – Salah will always be King

  18. I saw this 3 years or more ago.
    The majority of the squad was the same age and each season they did nothing to prepare for when they all hit 30.
    They never had competition for Salah or Trente .They bought Tskimicas (shit)as cover for Robertson.Midfield they completely ignored .
    They had Sane Salad and Faminho with no cover for years.
    Look at the first champions league final against Madrid.The reason we lost was because we wouldn't buy a keeper,klopp said we could make do🤣🤣

  19. Bellingham will be a Liverpool player .
    Bellingham is looking at if I change the Liverpool team his name will be bigger than at a city or a Madrid..

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