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Source: Anfield Agenda

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  1. I want fsg out for years but if they fuck up the Bellingham deal they better pack there bags 🤬🤬🤬🤬🗣️FSG OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Could you imagine if the Coutinho deal didnt take place, for example if he had a really bad injury before we sold him !! There would not have been a VVD and Allison….and dare I say the forthcoming Cups and Titles!!!!… imagine that. What Im saying is that FSG may not have received the accolades it has been getting…the ol' sell to buy method has its limitations and a bit of fortune is needed at times.

  3. If we get 3 top quality players in we wont have to spend big for 2 seasons at least and we will be getting the dead wood like Keita and Ox out the side and Milner will be a big wage off of the books as I can't see him staying another season after this one. I would love Bellingham, Fernandez and either Amrabat or Caceido. If we could get 3 new Midfielders we will be in top shape.

  4. Could we not offer Keita plus cash for Bellingham in January?..given he’ll go for free in the summer anyway

  5. James Pearce says he expects a quiet January for Liverpool, then you lot come out with more chewing gum for the eyes , drop the cringe thumbnails lad , you are not a gamer 🤣

  6. “Sources close to the club”. Is that tomato sauce? And about as reliable as a football speculator

  7. Guys give this shit a break if you think fsg are going to splash out in January your in for a big disappointment wake the fuck up they won’t sell us either we are they cash cow

  8. If you just count – simply – count (like the children's Dracula muppet) you can see LFC has so many ageing and incompetent midfielders which will need replacing in January never mind by the time the club has failed to reach the CL. And, spoiler alert, it is isn't 1 or 2. No matter what that idiot John Barnes says.

  9. Reported Liverpool and Tottenham transfer target Sofyan Amrabat, 26, has "woken up" top clubs around Europe with his displays for Morocco at the World Cup, according to his brother. Amrabat plays for Fiorentina

  10. Real Madrid have joined the race to sign 23-year-old PSV Eindhoven and Netherlands winger Cody Gakpo, who has been linked with Manchester United and Newcastle

  11. Craig why you always lying? honestly there's not a player on the planet you've not linked us with in last 12 months

  12. If we buy Billingham and Fernandez, I'll bet you we will sell Salah next season. I have no doubt this will happen to soften the transfer fees of the incoming players and also it makes sense to cash in on Salah before his form drops off.

  13. Thing is man city will outspend us and apparently they are now very interested in Bellingham.

  14. We needed new players back in 2020 transfer window !!
    But we never got them going forward and look where we are this season !

  15. Does my head in how people use the state sponsored clubs as an example of what LFC are up against. Even dross clubs like Palace, Everton, Villa, Wolves, Spurs and Mike Ashley's Nufc spend/spent more than FSG. Av net spend of £23m per season is pathetic, that's nothing to do with the state sponsored oil doping FFP cheats city. Don't even compete against most of the rest of the prem.

  16. Liverpool in the past have never been afraid of big spending on big players. Lots have worked out really well for the club like the bargain in Salah at 44mil, Alisson 65mil, Virgil 75m, and the bargain of Diaz 50m others not so good in Keita 52m and my all time fav player in Nunez 83m. They will spend big again and now is the time to spend a massive amount of money on Bellingham, but he will be worth every penny in coming seasons.

  17. Your current way of going on we seem to be happy to waste money we should go bk to signing 4 players at 40 million instead of wasting 100 million a a bad player

  18. Enzo Fernandez, Musah, or Caicedo is critical in January and Bellingham in the summer must happen for Liverpool to compete in the coming years. Another forward would also be great maybe gakpo or mohammad kudus

  19. i’ve got so used to budgeting in my head a max net spend of £50m a year for years it’ll be weird when we eventually do just spend £100m with ease

  20. All this banter since Mr Klopp made the comment, “you are not going to like this…” things seem to have changed in terms of ALL the latest noise.

  21. Anyone seen burger head James Pearce comments today on BBC. Poor lad haven't got clue what's happening around the club.

  22. I no longer listen to this endless connection with Liverpool and good players, I think the talk of Bellingham has tired us all out and now don't believe a word we hear, until someone has signed.

  23. Well according to the athletic we wont have a busy January window which still shows that we are on a constant downward spiral under fsg. They are ready to see their asset drop in value

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