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Source: Mark Goldbridge That’s Football

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  1. Top 4? are you crazy man, the way things are going Liverpool will be lucky to finish in the top 9

  2. Very unbiased view! Problems evident at Liverpool, can't seem to get a run together, players are in and out, no settled rhythm at all needs answers fast, FA cup fast becoming very important!

  3. You were literally moaning about how much united are spending and they've only been outspent by Chelsea this season lmao. 40mil spent on Gakpo should patch up years of inactivity in the market though? Come on Mark stop being a clown

  4. Barely a word of credit for the way Brighton played, a well run club with shrewd owners who've sold good players but are still in the top 7. Liverpool have more than enough players to compete, Klopp acts like he has to go busking to make transfers…🤔

  5. Can't see us getting top 4, been waiting a season for us to click but if anything it's got worse 😬

  6. If arsenal put in that performance against Brighton when wenger was in charge the press would call it; gutless, spineless, no leadership etc but Liverpool are getting an easy ride. Don’t understand.

  7. I honestly don't think it's their midfield, it's their regular performers playing so badly. Salah, Trent, van dijk have been absolutely awful

  8. It's Mental Fatigue, bc last season we're going for a Quadruple and ended up just 2 (FA Cup, Caraboa Cup) and missing out on PL n CL title was a big one..So thats why there's no hunger no more for this Season..

  9. When you look at Brighton and Brentford’s recent results it doesn’t make United’s first two fixtures against Brighton and Brentford that bad now as both teams have both smashed Liverpool, Brentford have smashed City (at City)

  10. Klopp has reformed attack, he’s brought in a defence that won us a title – the midfield seems to be his blind spot. Other teams have caught on, they play through there. Klopp’s so attack-minded, so forward-facing, that he just trusts other players at the back to cover for the lack of presence in the home box. I feel like Klopp would rather win 5-4 than win 1-0

  11. Mark is so good to watch, as a non – biased football talking. Even though I am a Liverpool fan its still good to watch you talk about our club with respect and non – bias (I think Liverpool best will make it 5th but if so we need a signing, united, newcastle, arsenal and city look really good up there and it will be hard to overtake any.)

  12. I am confused about Klopp. If he is such a master tactician, why does he still try to play a high line pressing game with an ageing squad. I don't get it.

  13. Liverpool played so many games last season with their high intensity style. They dreamed of the quadruple and ended up with „only“ the cups. That sure is a downer mentally and physically. Bayern, after their treble of 2nd places in 2012 developed a revenge attitude that led them to a treble of titles a year later but Liverpool was seemingly unable to convert the disappointments in Prem and CL into motivation

  14. "Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." _Vaibhav Shah

  15. Our season is pretty much done. I’m content with accepting that we aren’t achieving anything, champions league is an impossibility to be honest. I just hope that next season brings us back to where we should be and we’ve done something about our bloody midfield!

  16. Mark, can’t you see it? There was life before Mane and now life after Mane. That seems to be the only change.

  17. To be honest if Manu bought Gakpo instead of us and we bought 2 new young solid midfielders I would be a lot happier… Midfield has been our problem zone since probably 2-3 seasons and we haven't bought any midfielders apart from thiago

  18. I think it's literally the midfield…
    Obviously the defense and offense is bad if the linkup between them (the midfield) can't do the runs they were able to do because they are aging… Look at the stats. We used to be the side running the most and pressing the hardest which is just not possible anymore because they are just too old and not fit enough

  19. Its pretty sad that under Klopp we have won every trophy, made top 4 every year, won a CL & made 2 finals and the 2 big signings VVD & Allison came from Coutinho's deal yet FSG still dont spend a quarter of the money they must have made.. They are ruining Klopp's legacy.. Get used to no CL next season people.. YNWA97

  20. Liverpool has lost the drive. The players are still essentially the 2019 batch but much aged. It needs to rebuild now or risk being mediocre for another half a decade.

  21. Liverpool and Chelsea have similar stories.

    They have clear needs in the squad, but keep buying players that they already have a lot of in the same position. I.e both clubs need a good holding midfielder but keep buying Wingers

  22. I don't care goldbridge yours and mine home club NOTTINGHAM FOREST are flying we're staying up you red's you red's you red's 😁

  23. As a Liverpool fan I could see the cracks ever since January last season. We were never convincing even if we were that close to a quadruple. That being said we’ve only signed one midfielder in 4 years and that’s Thiago.

  24. Never write Klopp off but Pissed me off them getting Gakpo! Also you seen Chelsea snake on the Mudryk transfer!!

  25. Sell Salah. Pay half Henderson's wages to send him somewhere. Sell Fabinho to an Italian club where the slower pace suits him.
    Reinvest in a new midfield.

  26. If nufc sign 2 class players who knows what can happen Lfc man utd and arsenal all have to come to S J P

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