Liverpool Fans SPEAK OUT Against Clubs DECLINE! ⏬

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Liverpool Fans SPEAK OUT Against Clubs DECLINE! ⏬

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  1. The way people up talk Liverpool makes me livid, what have they done in the last 15/20 years?, they even n count it when they NEARLY won a league, when they NEARLY won a
    treble, delusional favouritism!.

  2. Same issue with Spurs, both clubs have spent loads of money on some poor signings, Spurs badly need a midfield playmaker but didn't get one bought yet another full back!

  3. Klopp out 🤦‍♂️… Every team has cycles, he's been squeezing the best out of average players and expensive flops like Keita etc. but it's an absolute myth he's had no money/shoestring budget.

  4. It's funny how Liverpool fans now go on about needing a midfielder and yet were giving it big ones about Thiago and Henderson this time last year. But, if midfield really was the problem, then why go all out and buy Nunez, Gakpo, Jota (Darren Bent chatting rubbish as always – Jota (like Neves now) was seen as one of the wolves players to move on to a bigger club), Diaz and Carvalho when they could have easily bought a midfielder. Unless FSG are similar to the Glazers and want the marquee signings only (and evidence suggests that isn't the case) then the failure to replace a central midfielder falls on Klopp and those involved in identifying players.

  5. Glazers have not give United money to spend the money we have spent is what we make ourselves not from their pockets

  6. I'm a Liverpool and can clearly see klopp is part of the problem. If we keep klopp we could get relegated. Get a fresh new manager in and we might keep mid table.

  7. The whole of this Liverpool golden period was based on the Coutinho Money where we bought van diyk and Allison
    . Plus the genius of Klopp. Over the years we have let winauldum go that started we got lucky with Salah and his impact incredibly unlucky with Nunez the one bad signing we have made in a few years but the worst decision is not replenishing that midfield. It’s unbelievable incompetent almost that they did not buy any midfielder in January crazy. We deserve what we are getting.

  8. I said same thing should brought replacement for Henderson and Miller 2018 I said same too my liverpool supporter mate , the owners dnt have the money , 300million in debt , 3 years 11players played every game , season 4 they got injuries and just make champions league as Leicester City and brendon Rodgers bottles a 13 point lead. Klopp dne well tho needs backing from owner. Klopp has spent tho and on rubbish players ox , ketia and jota etc always inquires there more too. He wasted money they been given. Yet that not mentioned eva

  9. Only one league win and champs league win, everything won at the expense of others and didn't they win the league not in Europe? I could be wrong

  10. Liverpool are a consistently playing in Europe, you would think the money is there to buy some luxury players.

  11. VVD 80 mil
    alison 70 mil
    nunez 90 mil

    nearly 250 million on 3 players but yea his hands are tied 🤦

  12. Should of sold Salah, Henderson, Fabinho, Firminho, Keita, Chamberlain (injuries). Nunez..shite! Push Trent into midfield, Gomez has potential at right back. What's happened to Robertson?? Should never of sold Gigi. Our midfield at Wolves yest' would struggle in the Championship. Klopp still the man!!

  13. Once again pandering and babying Liverpool. They can spend money if they want to. They did it when their was no money in football. Compared to now. And Liverpool just passed €700 million revenues. Misers.

  14. Fsg should have spent big with the money from PL and CL. They probably have a target in mind of what they want as a return of investment. The sky was never the limit. They're not big football fans nor are they overly ambitious for LFC. It's like how most places are run these days. They remind me of franchises of a chain. They won't minimum labour costs and service, doesn't matter if the service is mediocre, as long as they are in ambition for LFC. Hope they sell ASAP.

  15. There are some really good young strikers in Brazil Columbia Mexico Africa Asia really cheap. 10 million will give you at least 8 good young strikers from all over the world,and atleast 3 will be stars.

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