Liverpool Are BACK?!

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Liverpool Are BACK?!

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  1. We’ve improved since the start of the season but to say that we’re back is an overstatement. We might never reach those heights that we did, that is a possibility we have to accept. A lot more money in the league now, competing with one Manchester City was tough enough, if we have to compete with 3 of them then it’s gonna be a nightmare

  2. season where we looking for our new style of play,we had some amazing result this season 9-0,7-1,7-0,1-6 etc
    cant wait for klopp to make new machine 😀

  3. "Your Leeds, your Brightons, your Aston Villas, probably even your Brentfors"??? Don't you mean Leeds, Brighton, Aston Villa and Brentford?
    Filpping heck, next you'll be using things like, "To caveat that" and, "As I alluded to earlier".
    Come on Laurence, you're better than that!! 😉

  4. You know what I just realized. Laurence doesn't really have any insights at all. He tries to talk like he's very smart and insightful but he manages to not say anything.

  5. Once Liverpool scored they grew into the game .
    Jones was improved , Jota got his goals . Gave sloppy balls away gave away a poor goal .
    Next up forest can they win 2 on the bounce .
    Spurs and villa I think are the hardest out of the last 9 games .

  6. The only bad capitulation we've suffered this season was against the machine Man City…..even tho we have beaten them many times over the last few years….there's many positive moments we have had besides our bad moments….we've suffered from a large amount of injuries that have affected our balance….for the first time this season we have a squad without injuries….and its starting to show !!YNWA 😊❤

  7. ppl dont get carried away, this squad is done for. they dont have another season in them.
    Klopp still has major limitations, even with an overhaul we wont be getting UCL (proly not going to finish 4th) and no prem title.
    competition is going to be 10x harder next season.

  8. Lmao. Bro chill. It was Leeds, the one team you know can collapse and concede like there's no tomorrow. Seen so many "liverpool are back?" videos this season, its hilarious at this point

  9. I always got frustrated watching Curtis before cause he didn't seem to know when to let the ball go but he seems to be so much more aware now. I'm no expert but as a fan it's been nice to see him do well.

  10. No people keep talking about him being in the midfield but people don’t understand Jurgen system he needs midfielders with elite defensive qualities not creative because the creativity comes from the wing example Trent and Robertson so people who keep thinking he needs to be in the midfield don’t understand that Liverpool midfield is so bad that there is no ball progesser in the midfield which is indeed very worrying not very sustainable for a long term future

  11. One thing that excited me a lot, was at the end when Thiago, Trent and Jones ended up in midfield, some of the little triangles and intricate play was just😍 wow.

  12. Did anyone really think we were gona lose to Leeds ? Come on now , Jota is not a star player never will be , he is useless unless we are playing relegated sides.

  13. Jota will crumble in big games like always , you fell for it , it's a side that's already relegated, don't even read into this.

  14. Liverpool were always there but just was not feeling themselves alright . I really like Trent in a much more central position . Sort out the midfield and ensure backups for Robbo , Salah and Trent and we will ne up there challenging again .

  15. Hey Loz, just curious. When you say it looks like Mount’s resigning at Chelsea and that Bayern won’t sell Gravenberch, is that based on reading the media or do those come from your own sources? Because you predicted Bellingham wouldn’t come weeks before it was made official that he wouldn’t, so I’m interested to know if you know things we don’t.

  16. We all know these titles are just clickbait to get views. 4 of Liverpool's goals came from direct transitions after Leeds lost the ball and were vulnerable. We'll probably not lose next game vs Forest since it is at home.

    I'll take 6th place. European football is a privilege, even if its the Europa League. Will give more games for new signings (there better be new signings) to settle in and win the one trophy that Klopp still has left.

  17. Liverpool form all season bad good good bad 9 points behind newcastle you never know newcastle must play arsenal city i was going say spurs but but there shocking

  18. Don´t get why some Liverpool fans don´t like Jota, the guy has 10 goal contributions on 20 incomplete games, after that terrible injury thats amazing. So underrated.

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