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  1. Lol so apparently we're buy Bellingham Hernandez and Amrabat…….the delusion is unreal

  2. Right now for winter transfer..enzo and amrabat is realistic signing for liverpool..for Bellingham,maybe during summer

  3. We need quality depth end of discussion. Our depth is not like City or Real Madrid they have class starting players and class on the bench. We have a class starter on his day in Fabinho but on the bench who do we have? Keita? OX? Bajectic?? No. We simply cannot continue down this road. Get Amrabat in, get Bellingham in. Before you know it we’ll have Thiago, Amrabat, Fabinho, Bellingham and the young boys in rotation for the cups.

  4. Sofyan's signing will mean Jude won't be joining us. Ya know that is how things are at Anfield.

  5. Most fans know Amrabat only in this competition.. believe me I watch last game with his club against Milan.. he was everywhere like he's owned that midfield

  6. I think if we sign amrabat he will get number 16 shirt as its free. I think fabinho will become another centre back option/CDM. So he probably short term become back up Amrabat and Hendo.
    And a back up to our centre back's. 👍

  7. Fabinho needs to go back cb like Fernandinho did and Pepe and others.. nothing wrong with that

  8. Form is one thing but Fab is not very mobile and that doesn't work in the Klopp mid-field system. Has been great for us but we need legs in there.

  9. Fabinho will still be there. We need to have enough depth in that midfield area with our pressing game, so signing a few more midfielders won’t mean him leaving will actually take some burden off his shoulders.

  10. Fab stays, simple as that. If not then we'll be in the same boat as we are now, again.
    It's a squad thing.
    Form is temporary, class is permanent and he fits. Always has, always will.

  11. I believe fabinio is washed out this season.He has played at a very demanding role and needs time away from the game.He also plays for Brazil in their regional tournaments too!!!🇧🇷

  12. Has it just been Fabinho or the whole midfield that’s been suspect and not surprisingly ageing. Young blood and gritty will upgrade our midfield

  13. Ahh the usual, lesser known players do well in wc so every club tries to sign them. Had Bellingham nearly made out with Mount, he'd be going chelsea

  14. My theory is that doubters put doubt into Fabinho's head. He was playing his best football when peple on twitter and other social media was worshipping him even his wife got a lot of love. What do you think these morons do on twitter after a few bad games. They begin to complain and whine not just to Fabinho, but his wife as well. "Tell your husband to start playing football again", "Another shit performance by Fabinho", and all that garbage that would be understandable coming from rival fans, but their own fans. Ugh. Yeah, not helping

  15. We need to move Fabinho on. you can't have players hanging around after they asre past teir best. if you want to win, you need to be ruthless and merciless in your recruitment and axing of players. Henderson, in my opinion has already stayed too long, but he is the captain, so I understand, but he cannot be given a new deal. But I can also see the "has to be given time angle". the question is, how much time? I say, if Fabinho isn't back to his best within 6 months, get rid of him and sell im next January (not this January obviously).

  16. Sometimes it seems that playing for your country and playing for the club team don't translate well, makes me a little nervous with Amrabat in that regard

  17. Guy's a brick sh**house in a position we should have reinforced in the summer. Sick of the WC rumour mill but hoping this one is real, imagine closing out a game with him and an in form Fab.

  18. Diouff in fairness was one of the best players at the 2002 World Cup. Turned out to be a useless waste of space but looked incredible at that WC

  19. Fabinho has been overworked. That he's been playing at the level he's been playing over the last few years is commendable. I think his form will return with suitable subs.

  20. Amrabat, the excuse for not signing Bellingham.
    With no one other than our reserve keeper to sell on, we will be hoping FSG spend in excess of £200 million over the next two windows.
    Perhaps they can do it if payments are done by installment with a new owner/investor picking up the tab later.
    Check out latest Red Sox news, FSG made derisory offer on new contract to Zander Bogaerts so he's off to the Padres.
    Just like us the Red Sox fans are pleading with FSG to sign new players or increase contracts offers.
    Instead the are signing minor leagues players using the old money ball technique.
    With such an enormous profit been made at LFC, why the F….k don't they want to spend any?
    Personally speaking, until there gone there won't be any superstar signings

  21. England midfielder Jude Bellingham's management have told Real Madrid that Liverpool are leading the race to sign the 19-year-old from Borussia Dortmund in the summer

  22. Watched this guy his every be perfect to be honest no need to let fabinho go it could be a good move for him to up his game.
    I genuinely believe this is why fabs isn't performing is lack of competition.

  23. Think you need to get your facts right Craig Doiuf turned out to be a complete waste of space but if you cast your mind back we actually signed him before the World Cup

  24. Amrabat is god send for us especially after fabinho incredible downgrade
    And Honestly if Amrabat joins liverpool I'll be very proud as middle east
    Lad to have in my favorite club two Arabian players who are the best in there positions

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