LIVERPOOL 2-2 MAN CITY | FT. @TrueGeordie

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LIVERPOOL 2-2 MAN CITY | FT. @TrueGeordie

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  1. Mookie Betts is the 2nd best player in MLB, behind Mike Trout. Thing is, Trout has a personality that is so low key that Mookie is probably the biggest star in baseball

  2. imagine Salah goes on a free and in comes Mbappe on a free then would that be acceptable? rather have them both .

  3. RE: unbeaten. For Liverpool fans It's great but not the end all be all. Plus in the back of our minds I think some of us look at the draws because they've lost titles before not on losses but on too many draws. In fact during our two recent runs at the titles it was that Liverpool was able to turn so many draws to wins that was the big deal in addition to not losing. Bottom line two draws, two point, is worse point wise then a win and a loss, three points. So as a plan i'd much rather risk a loss and push for a win than settle for a draw. Especially against the "weaker" sides. Fine against City. Top team. You do your best to not lose when it's a tie game. And certain situations where a draw pretty much will win you a title or keep you in it, then fine. But I remember one off Rafa's title race and hey drew about ten games. Bottom line is if they'd just gone for it and only won half rather than draw, they still come out with 15 points instead of 10 and the extra five points might have been enough for a title. 08-09 Liverpool finish 4 behind United but with 11 draws to united's 6. If Liverpool just won half of that 11 they are level with United, plus they had a better goal differential.

  4. City were so dominant in that first half but Alisson only made 1 save, Liverpool had better xG stats and without our RB, with Rodri making the save of his life… So Buvey is actually correct, we should be unhappy with the draw.

  5. Please stop having that tool Lawrence on your channel Rory. He is a clear indication that too much coke has a negative affect

  6. Mo Salah needs to leave Liverpool if he wants to achieive even more glory. He's completley outwgrown the club entirely. Need him at Barcelona, Madrid or Bayern where he'll finally take that STEP UP in his career. So many more records are waiting to be broken once he joins those clubs. Hopefully he doesn't ruin his career by signing a contract extension. Liverpool will be on the decline very soon and he needs to jump ship now. #COYG

  7. Agree with Geordie Guy. After ladt years shit run,staying unbeaten breeds confidence. Deffo take that draw at home as City were the better team.

  8. Lol, neither team are set and sure how they wanna play, 🧐, lmfao… city has been playing this way forever, who are these clowns 🤡, didn’t city win the league the exact same way by a mile last year

  9. I’m confident the Mo Salah contract situation will get sorted, think it’s been blown out of proportion abit aswell tbh

  10. Mo is stubborn, he is from North of Egypt, and they are hotheads, it's not about the money, he will compare his wages to other World Class players

  11. It's like enjoying watching someone keep up pace with lance Armstrong…They cooked the books by over 400m

  12. Bernardo Silva is a fantastic player but Rory's agenda is too funny. he was good but he didn't actually effect the game too much. Effectiveness > General good play.

  13. It was a tough game ,milner was lucky to stay on and Salah,s goal 😁👋😁👋😁👋

  14. With Salah's contract, I think it's not just a matter of $$$$ but also the length of contract. Perhaps he wants to stay at the club till 2027 while LFC would only offer till 2025. Anyway, there's still a bit of time left, If Salah still hasn't signed anything when 2022 begins, then u can start to panic, not now

  15. Happy with draw series you guys got no clue okey and Curtis John’s series if Liverpool had Harvey Elliot Curtis will never start

  16. Only Chelsea was happy with the result. I suppose Man City & Liverpool are just merely "content" with a draw, no more no less

  17. There’s no one in the world playing RW doing what salah does that is affordable/available to sign, give the bloke everything money property and FSGs wife, give him it all

  18. I love how Rory the hypocrite will bash Solskjær for "moaning" now pep is "moaning" about James Milner. Make a video on him too you absolute clown

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