Liverpool 0 Chelsea 0 | Post-Match Pint

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Liverpool 0 Chelsea 0 | Post-Match Pint

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  1. With all our injuries we need to step up their recovery we need Jota , Daiz , Nunez , Van Dyke & Firmino back in first team asap!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  2. klopp backed to build a team now that team because of age is coming to the end was not backed to build a squad

  3. Would u take Adrian Rabiot on a free transfer, he can sign 4 any1 at end of January, contract expires in summer at juventus ????.

  4. Chelsea were better than us and will move forward from here. I don't think you can say that about us. We are flatline and that won't change until personnel change

  5. I lived this PMP, so funny. Found it quite therapeutic. Am with Neil, no more matches till April please.

  6. The drop off in quality from the same players as last year is astonishing. We can talk around it any way we like but its shocking.

  7. Klopps heavy metal football is the only style that will win trophies. He doesn't have the quality of player to execute it. Now wer trying to b a more possession base team. The way city play. Without there quality or personal. Klopp needs to bring in players that can play high press, turnover football.

  8. Another poor, poor performance
    Salah's modus operandi is 'two touches lose the ball' irrespective of his position on the pitch, or as of late ballooning one over the bar.
    The fact Harvey Elliott has played 30 games for us this seasons says all you need to know about the clubs poor transfer strategy.
    It was a game of two mid table teams scrapping for a win.
    This season is a complete write off now, please let us finish outside the top 6 and go again next season

  9. We all have to accept we aren’t getting top 4.
    Too many things have gone wrong and will take years to fix.
    It can and will be addressed but this is a serious rebuild

  10. Chelsea are improving and will finish above Liverpool this season. Liverpool will finish bottom half

  11. Managed Decline – FsG .
    Trent 🤣 he hates defending
    VvD 🫣 lost his "power/ pace )
    Thiago legs gone
    Elliot – lightwt, No presence at all
    Ox injured every other month
    Keita 54 million Wow 🥴lightwt .
    Milner 🤔
    Salah retired in '22 .(invisible)
    Gomez – brainfart every game

  12. In keeping with the introduction to the show, and referencing Tatty Hennessy's A Hundred Words for Snow, Liverpool supporters now have a hundred words for shite, and 90% of them involve Keita.

  13. Wrong to let Mané go. From both a footballing and business perspective. Salah should have been sold to the highest bidder, he’s been off the pace since before AFCON.

  14. Team needs some serious investment and I don’t trust fsg have the funds to invest and even if they did I don’t trust the people scouting these players ( pep Lijnders) to invest in the right players.

  15. Funny they keep emphasizing “both teams”’when Chelsea are clearly improving and Liverpool had plateaued

  16. I think he needed to make those 3 subs about 10/15 mins before. Klopp's amazing, but I always felt his sub game is a bit weak.

  17. Every game is pretty much the same old shitshow playing a different team. 10 minutes of effort after half time then give up and go home.

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