Lionel Messi – The Story Behind The Legend

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Lionel Messi – The Story Behind The Legend

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  1. 24:00 are you telling me you didn't find the video or even entire match of this goal with the Ronaldinho assist..its not like youre talking about Pele where half of his goals weren't filmed lol…this sht happened live in front of us and many saw it on their Apple laptop gen6 😂..we had AC cars with air bags when this match took place 😂..just get the real footage is this badly done cartoons 😂

  2. He was the greatest of his generation but not the GOAT. Maradona and Pele were above him, Maradona literally won the .1986. WC on his own and Pele won .3. outta .4. WC he probably would have won .4. If he wasn't kicked off the pitch in the .1966.W.C

  3. He is over estimated Zlatan ibrahimovic so far greatest player ever walk on earth and people know what happen in last 20 FIFA corrupted organization means not one of others players never got nothing

  4. Messi needs to channel everything he has into this match on Sunday. It's time for him to finish the dream.

  5. At ages 4-6 hearing your grandma affirmation to her grandson that oneday you will become the greatest footballer and she was truly unconvincingly correct….

  6. It is onky story abiut LM10/30) could sit me down for 75 minutes…..I love Messi and I love Argentina/Barcelona everything about them are only greatness…

  7. Thanks for this great peace
    It was emotional for me
    I had to watch it by myself 3 times
    Before I could watch with my friends
    Without wet eyes

    Messi the messiah of football

  8. Pelé is the goat, not Messi. Pele has three world cups under his belt… Cuéntalas primo… Una… Dos… Tres.

    Cuántas copas mundiales tene Messi???… Una si le va bien está semana.

  9. Messi is having a superb world cup this year and I fell that many brasilians like me are now rooting for our arch-rivals only because Messi deserves it.

  10. Hopefullly in the next few days he gets his team over the top to win a world cup. They have to defeat Croatia tomorrow first.

  11. Ronaldo is always above Messi during the narration of Messi's career. These both players are/will always be the greatest of all time.

  12. Just want to say i love this channel, im currently recovering from a stroke, and these videos have helped, thank you Lukas, keep up the good work man

  13. Normally I would want France to wine the World cup after they knocked us out (England). However given Messi's position I hope the Argies win. Messi is not just a great footballer – he is a great man!

  14. I was a fan of CR7 till 2010 because in India only EPL was avlbl and i used wtch Man U team but when i saw Messi playing
    i became more fan of Messi then CR7
    Messi the GOAT

  15. Great tribute, thank you for the video. I shall cheer for la pulga. This 2022 World Cup has been outstanding and nothing more would be better for football than to see Messi raise Argentina as champions.

  16. Very, very, nice documentary! I enjoyed it. I can feel your passion for the sport and Messi. Thank you!

  17. Not even going to bother watching this crap. Messi being the greatest of time is a joke. He's nowhere near good enough to tie Maradona's laces for starters. For those who think Messi is the goat, you must be severely handicapped, brain dead or easily impressed.

  18. Messi is the best footballer I’ve ever seen ; playing the game for 15 years I never saw anyone as close as his talent . He is the GOAT.

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