Lionel MESSI & Argentina Celebrating with +5 MILLION Fans!

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Lionel MESSI & Argentina Celebrating with +5 MILLION Fans!

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  1. there is no problem with being from the USA or being black in Argentina BUT going to those celebretaions with those big gold chains would be an awful idea.

  2. Bruh these guys literally have no idea what they are talking about.
    They been comparing 23 yr old to a 35 year old guy who inhumanly is still scoring in every game he plays. Bro messi at 23 yr age he already had 3 balon d'or. And comparing mbappe to messi is just ridiculous. Being at the top for nearly 15 years is not equivalent to scoring the most goals in one year in the world cup.

  3. Sorry but Mbappe can’t be compared to Messi, never played in the league that mattered and was competitive so goal value isn’t even close with is why he doesn’t have the awards Messi had by his age. Also take into consideration that France would have won world cups without mbappe they were that good while Argentina was carried by Messi

  4. cant really compare to NBA players, but Pele was first to be playing chess to everyone's checkers, he was Lebron/Bill Russell, Wilt, just playing a different sport. Defenders started bulking up, getting professional, more athletic and when Maradona came around, he was the little magician who didn't beat people due to physical attributes, but pure skill. Messi is actually more similar to Maradona, just consistent. all these years at the top, Balon d'Ors at 22 and probably 35 (next one would be his 8th; no one else has more than 5), I guess like Magic who wasn't dunking over people just so skilled, such great vision for passing, that's Messi, but Messi also scores. His goal totals are ridiculous and he's a playmaker, not a pure goal scorer like Cristiano Ronaldo. If you've seen Movie 43, the basketball scene, that was Pele, just playing with people.

  5. After the last few World Cup celebrations, they talked about a million people, but 5-6 million went to see Argentina. Just sayin.

  6. they arrived 3am, got off the plane after flight from Qatar, then jumped straight onto that bus… HOURS until they got to downtown Buenos Aires, then had to helicopter them out because it was nuts

  7. Cuenta la historia que desde que se le ganó a Croacia la gente estuvo festejando en el obelisco.. jaja

  8. Only a non football guy can compare mbappe to Leo Messi, the comparison is laughable

  9. Mbappe will never touch the heights of Messi. Just Google Messi honours and goals assist records he will never compete.

  10. You clowns know nothing about football. Messi is by far the greatest of a time.

    Nobody is ever catching him up.

    Stop talking absolute bullshit.

    Leave football to the rest of the world.

  11. No, let me correct you, EMI MARTINEZ DID NOT MAKE THAT DOLL. that was something fans throw to him. He just catched it.

  12. Gracias por reaccionar a este hermoso video!!! MESSI el mejor de todos los tiempos!!! Regards from Argentina!!!!

  13. Bunch of lightskin dudes praising another dude just because he's also lightskin.. y'all don't know anything about football and Messi is the goat by far

  14. Who the fuck is Mbappe?? No ucl, no ballon dor.. Ghost in the final for 80 min.. Only 1 notable goal… People Doesn't understand basic of football comparing Mbappe with Greatest All time Messi 😂

  15. Americans should really stay away from our sport uno. the disrespect. nobody knows your LeBron or jordan outside America mate. they won't less messis shoe..

  16. Mbappe is a great player, but Messi set the goat requirements bar too high. Mbappe now is young and most part of his skills comes from his explosive acceleration and pace, but in a few years he'll lose some and will have to adapt his style of play.
    Back then young Messi will sprint from the midfield to the box with the ball in his foot, then he became slower but more tactical, more a play maker and also saves energy to do some bursts at games; to be the goat you have to excel in every aspect of the game: passing, dribbling, shooting, game iq, freekicks and penalties; not just goalscoring

  17. Messi is the best player in the world!!!!🇦🇷👑👑👑The Best in the world cup…👑🇦🇷🇦🇷 ..two goals in the final…case close..Where is Mbape ???☺️😃😆😆😆….🇦🇷👑👑👑Messi…Messi…

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