Let's Talk About Harry Maguire… What Should ten Hag Do?

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Let's Talk About Harry Maguire… What Should ten Hag Do?

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  1. Well spoken I agree on everything you said , Maguire is a disgrace trying to defend his play this season is on the verge of delusional at best

  2. Maguire is the best thing to ever happen to United. He was a good player at Leicester and he's been a good player here. You guys just have to accept the fact, United is being sabotaged by many players and there has to be a major Arsenal type clear out

  3. You just don't know what you going to get from Harry .. it's a disaster mate let that boy go

  4. He’s worse than William Prunier – that says EVERYTHING! Doesn’t take responsibility then posts messages about being “motivated and must we better”. He’s joke and should be nowhere near this great club.

  5. What's bad for united fans is Maguire isn't going anywhere and will be captain for the foreseeable future, lucky you lot 😂😂 he is truly appalling

  6. What I don't understand about Maguire is, he keeps making the same mistakes that then lead to goals. Pushing up against midfielders, going after the ball, leaving a big hole behind him that teams then exploit. Either he's not listening to the coaching, because I'm sure they'll have analysed the videos together and pointed out what he's doing. Or he's getting caught up in the heat of the moment and repeating the same mistakes. Or he's just too pig headed to change. The thing about Maguire is he's never been through something like this before. All through his career up until this point, he's progressed to bigger and better clubs (with the move from Sheffield United to Hull City probably an exception). He's obviously got quite an ego underneath this stoic front and really can't handle the justified criticism coming his way.

  7. All blaming Maguire.
    Should be looking at the rest of the team.
    He did good in euros.
    If you play with shit, you will end up shit.
    Man United fans blaming him.
    You need to look at the rest of the team.

  8. He criticises his players instantly, but needs to look at himself first.
    Bruno Fernández needs to stop moaning, and looking for someone to blame.
    He is out of position more than anyone on that pitch.
    Bruno was a good signing at first but he is now just getting annoying, he looks lost.

  9. He needs to go even if we lose money he has no idea of football no coach in the world can change that he is fucking useless

  10. There is a tried and trusted way to deal with underperforming Utd players…sell em to Everton!

  11. Not sure if Ronaldo's staying but United might need to buy a player that's captain material.

  12. How much Varane+Maguire cost together vs. what you get out of them… Hilarious and expensive!

  13. Harry is a decent centre back, he has been destroyed by rubbish managers with rubbish tactics and no control over so called stars. But he might as well go and take himself out of the firing line.

  14. City & Liverpool doged a bullet not buying him. If city got him he would’ve been the 3rd flop at the back.. SAVIC, MANGALA & Maguire. Pep sold MANGALA & dogged Maguire

  15. Everyone is allowed to make mistakes – even more so in something as fickle as football. But keeping Maguire will be more than a mistake for next season.

  16. This has all been said a thousand times before. You're even asking and raising the exact same questions.

  17. Maguire isnt gonna get sold this summer unfortunately but he will gradually get fazed out. He needs to leave for everyone's sake. 80 million for Maguire fuckin he'll. We were robbed

  18. This is what happens when you pay bang average players top dollar. Fans feel you get all that money you have to play like superman of course most players aren’t on that plane. Moneys killing the game.

  19. I've been saying since we bought him why. Why on earth did we go for him in the first place??. Seriously was there no better defender out there when we paid 80 fucking million for the worst centre half in the league. Who sanctioned the move for him?. One stat I love about him is when Varane was getting his second champions league medal the same week Maguire was getting relegated to div 1 with Sheffield Wednesday. Absolutely no pace zero positional sense and gutless but hey let's go pay 80mill for him.

  20. Honestly, not a single player would make it into the Liverpool or City starting 11. Years of really bad buys, years of manager merry go round, years of terrible stewardship from the board, years of the owners padding their wallets. The club needs sorting out from top to bottom or nothing will change.

  21. Great job keeping this professional. I’d have got carried away and started tweeting him mid stream

  22. I usually watch Roma matches. And against Napoli the way Smalling defended Osiman (Mind you one of fastest players in the league) was so impressive. Smalling always secured his position at back and locked Osiman , thus not allowing to him to turn whenever ball came to his feet. Smalling was one of the better performer in the young Roma defense

    And Manchester let this man go for Maguire. You must be kidding 🤦🤦🤦🤦

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