Leon Bailey vs Chelsea (Friendly)

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Leon Bailey vs Chelsea (Friendly)

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  1. Yo keep the fitness up..next half of epl around the corner..wanna see you lit it up 💪

  2. Was there to see it live. It was a pleasure . Put that one away next time general. Well done. You and your team dominated Chelsea.

  3. One thing I knew for sure he never had to choose Jamaica but he did nd make us proud world wide

  4. Should have gone topshelf with that scoring opportunity. Lots of wasted touches and back passes, same thing playing for Jamaica. I saw that Ronaldo look getting subbed.

  5. Chippy Bailey should have tried to chip the keeper (no pun intended) on that shot he had on goal. He will have to start burying opportunities like these to get to the next level. Still a very good player. Cheers Chippy!!!🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  6. Should have buried that ball still baller. Nice match!! Playing your teammates 🫵🏾😉 in the coming year

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