Legendary Reactions on Lionel Messi

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Legendary Reactions on Lionel Messi

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  1. 7.05 is the last min goal against Real Madrid that was a fantastic goal beacuse that ball pass 6 players finally shot in brilliant way, that goal is very lengedary goal live long MESSI.

  2. Nunca ví a Cristiano tan bravo porque le marcarán un gol al Real Madrid, hasta que llegó ese gol de Messi en la victoria del Barcelona de visitante 3 a 2 ante el Real Madrid.
    Ese gol no sólo representó ganar el clásico de visitante, sino ganar también la Liga Española.⚽💥

  3. Messiiii💰🏃⚽🏟💯💟💪🍇🍟🍔🇦🇷👑❤💜💚💙👍💛😚😗😘😍😙

  4. Cómo puede llevar de título "reacción" si tiene 90% repeticiones del gol y de la celebración. Y el 90% de las reacciones no son legendarias, son solo reacciones

  5. beleive me its really difficult…i would say extremely….but if u train continously like hell u can reach upto some level over there

  6. #Lionelmessilegend is the world best, all time greatest, magical complete genius footballplayer in football history he is so far best & better & only one football king who is highest scorar in one year those world best footballplayer is #Lionelmessilegend.can't beat any other one players.

  7. How to properly identify the Biggest FOOL in the Room ?
    The one that tries to argue that The Great Lionel is NOT the … G. O. A. T. !

  8. Yo the solo play against Athletico should be on the list, and also when messi shut Neuer's mouth

  9. In life there are a few incredibly gifted people who come around,

    Lionel Messi is “All” of them put together.

    Legend doesn’t even come close.

  10. 7:44 Not only did Ronaldinho passed Messi the ball to score his first ever goal for Barcelona, he also passed Messi his hat, from one legend to another.

  11. Im a messi fan but he never done anything like these for argentina but played well for orher teams

  12. Just clicked on the video because of the supposed reaction of Ronaldinho and it wasn't there ☹️

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