Lauren Boebert kicked out of ‘Beetlejuice’ musical in Denver

Lauren Boebert kicked out of 'Beetlejuice' musical in Denver 1

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Representative Lauren Boebert, like many of us, is a person of contrasting impulses. A Policy her Wednesday profile documents her attempt to rename her picture as a center of attention which finds itself in a bad position with its far-right allies upstairs in the house. To shore up support after barely winning reelection last year in her solidly red Colorado district, Boebert is working to crush that reputation by behaving like a normal congresswoman — one who’s even willing to work with leaders state Democrats despite push for impeachment in Washington, D.C. “She’s really done a good job of moderation,” a local GOP official said of the representative known for her former support of QAnon and for allegedly stirring up controversy. massive diarrhea event in his restaurant.

But it also seems that Boebert is having trouble giving up his loud habits. Hours before the reputation-buffing story broke, the Denver Job reported that Boebert was expelled from a performance of Beetle juice musical Sunday for being disruptive and ignoring requests for silence. According to an incident report from Denver Arts & Venues, the operator of the Buell Theater in downtown Denver, Boebert was vaping, singing and recording the musical, leading to four separate complaints from others clients. (THE Job reported that the woman behind Boebert was pregnant; when she asked Boebert to stop vaping, the representative replied “no.” The woman claims Boebert then called her a “sad, miserable person.” Theater staff told Boebert and the person she was with to keep quiet. Nevertheless, she persisted and the two men were escorted out by ushers during an intermission.

“They told me they wouldn’t leave,” one of the bailiffs said in the report. “I told them they had to leave the theater and if they didn’t they would enter without permission. Customers said they wouldn’t leave. I told them I was going to call the Denver police. They said to go get them.

“Do you know who I am?” Boebert asked the bailiff, according to the report. “I will contact the mayor,” she added. The theater called the police, who remained in the lobby until Boebert and the man she was with left the building. Denver Arts & Venues released security footage of the incident on Tuesday:

And a video posted Thursday clearly showed Boebert vaping:

Boebert didn’t seem too upset: After being kicked out of the theater, she was seen being twirled in the street by her date. The pro-police congresswoman – who, before joining Congress, was arrested four times for alleged harassment, disorderly conduct and failure to appear in court – tried to take it all in stride. “That’s right, I really enjoyed the incredible Beetlejuice at the Buell Theater and I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” ” She tweeted. A representative also confirmed the incident with the Denver Jobalthough he denied the allegation that she vaped, pointing out that the Beetle juice “heavy fog machine” music features.

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