Lahore railway Track

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Lahore railway Track

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  1. Congrats to vini juniour and all other brazilian boys and the french star …i am proud of you

  2. I am a huge barca fan and very far from liking real madrid, but i have to give credit to real madrid. Their efficiency is of the charts. They can fool opponents into believing that they are in control and then out of nowhere they strike. They are so good at creating offence out of defence and coming up clutch

  3. Liverpool are deplorable at defending (both at set-pieces and in open play). A goal like Militão's for 2-3 shouldn't be allowed at schoolboy level. Zonal marking with 6 guys standing 3 yards from goal? I'd love to know what % of Liverpool's weekly training is spent on defending set pieces.

    Joe Gomez should be playing in the Championship, not the Champions League.

  4. I think it’s always better to score in the stoppage time against Madrid orelse you’ll get smothered

  5. Why are those highlights on YouTube always shitty? It's like half of the video just some random moments of the game

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