Karim Benzema's clutch gene

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Karim Benzema's clutch gene

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Source: Kiyan Sobhani: Real Madrid Journalist

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  1. They forgetting 2016/17 Ronaldo the clutchest seoson player had before this one and it’s not the same unless we win the ucl

  2. What are your views on bale? once again when Ancelotti wanted to count on him he claimed discomfort club thinking to sanction him.

  3. Salahs numbers pale next to Karims. He also hasn't been that clutch in CL. Mane shares alot of the responsibility.

    Yes Lucas is right it's til the end of the season.

  4. I love Ronaldo but I love me some Karim more. He certainly doesn’t have the numbers that Ronaldo has. However in terms of what he provides to this Real Madrid side in terms of leadership and play on the field, that I do not think I’ve ever seen in any Real Madrid team in my 26 years of watching them. Benzema’s performances during this season have been extraordinary given this weak Real Team. To me his importance to THIS RM team is very obvious: he is an essential part of the buildup of play as well as the progression and finishing of the play…… WOW. I am sorry, but as great as Ronaldo was for us, he couldn’t do that on such a consistent basis. That wasn’t Ronaldo’s game. CR7 excelled at finishing, thus the high stats. KB9 has been able to excel in the initiation, development and finishing of almost every Real Madrid attack. Benz is a No.9 and No.10 combined. And to me that’s more important. Stats don’t tell the entire story, especially the factors that can not be measured. Like how do you measure the guts to take a Panenka in that, specific moment with all it’s history & pressure? How do you measure the effect of that Panenka on the opponent’s spirit?

  5. I appreciate what Karim Benzema has given us, I truly do, HOWEVER, I would like to point out that the opposition in both La Liga and the UCL (IMO) were more difficult and Ronaldo was normally THE reason why Real Madrid was able to compete in La Liga and DOMINATE the UCL.

  6. You didn't discuss about Ronaldo's 16/17 and 17/18 season in terms of clutchness in the ucl

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