Karim Benzema Vs Barcelona

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Karim Benzema Vs Barcelona

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  1. Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo should switch positions. Benzema is more "Zidane" than the brasilian Ronaldo, and he will become a much better player.

  2. actually I think falcao is better than cavani, cavani is good but look at him when playing for uruguay, he is always in the shadow of suarez , I would stick with benzema though, he can become the best number 9 in the world in 2 years.

  3. will be best attacker in the world !! Wow

    because Barcelona and benzema have the same style

    one touch play !!

  4. @moluksefreefighter01 I wrote "soccer" so that all the people that are used to it in the U.S would Understand… Dumbshit

  5. BENZEMA is WAY BETTER THAN HIGUIAN, Any body who knows anything about pro soccer would know THAT.

  6. @PoKerFaceN1 wow your comment is 4 months old but it seems like it's 2 years old because now both Benz & "Pipita" are scoring at will! such an improvement in just 4 months!


  7. He is Just Great , if he has that killer instinct like Van nistelrooy ! then he wil be the best striker !!

  8. I think Morinho should or let me say most count on benzie more than C.Ronaldo ! Because in the last Clasico we saw how Guardiola put 3 on Ronaldo ! Pique,dani alves and puyol ! And we saw benzema made alots of spaces . Thats why Özil and benzema should be the winner cards in el Clasićo !

  9. @PoKerFaceN1 ……….im a real madrid fan,, but ill tell you who looks lost, playing barcelona at the camp nou, ozil, benzene , ronaldo, ,,,, only person who give it there all is angel di maria at the camp you, only at the cam you, but at home they are all very proactive,,

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