Joey King and Steven Piet’s Mallorca wedding channeled ‘The Great Gatsby,’ with a Spanish twist

Since the wedding dress — with its dramatic strapless neckline and large flower-petal fabric sequins — was such a statement, Joey decided to keep the glamor simple. “Since it was very windy during the ceremony, we added a little texture,” she explains. Beauty-wise, the bride wanted a bit of sparkle but also to make sure she looked like herself. For the nails, she wanted to incorporate elements of the dress, so they included scalloped detailing to match the flower petal sequins of the dress. “I’m so lucky to have my team that I’ve worked with for so many years participating in this day,” says Joey. “It means the world!”

The ceremony, which took place atop the Lower Terrace pool, was, in Joey’s words, “absolute perfection.” Erik, the couple’s friend, officiated and Sabrina Carpenter sang it in the aisle. “Watching all of our friends and family from the altar was an unforgettable moment,” says Joey. “We really felt perfectly present, and soaking up every detail was pure magic.” Steven’s nieces and nephews as well as Joey’s grandmother all did readings. “Between that and hearing Steven’s wishes and being able to read mine to him… Nothing could have made this moment better,” she adds. “May I also add that it was raining heavily just before the ceremony and somehow the sun was shining as soon as the guests arrived. We were truly the luckiest people.

After the service, guests made their way to a lavish party tent set up next to the main house. There, Joey’s mom and sisters along with Steven’s brother all gave hilarious and heartwarming speeches. “There were tears everywhere,” Joey says. “And then the food and drink – oh, my God, the food and drink. It was unreal! Jesse James’s Usual – named after our beloved dog – was the most delicious spicy marg, and the beef cheeks were definitely a highlight for me.

The newlyweds shared their first dance to Cat Power’s “Sea of ​​Love.” “It was magical,” Joey says. “Watching my perfect husband dancing to this perfect song was a dream.” But from then on, the party escalated. “We danced so hard it felt like we had taken a shower because we were so sweaty,” jokes Joey. “The best part was seeing all our friends who didn’t know each other blend in and connect instantly. We are surrounded by the best people and seeing them all together was an infectious joy.

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