Joe Lycett gives 'gay icon' David Beckham Qatar World Cup ultimatum

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Joe Lycett gives 'gay icon' David Beckham Qatar World Cup ultimatum

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  1. Should David Beckham pull out of a multi-million-pound deal with Qatar to promote the World Cup because of its gay-rights record?

  2. Do you think you are entitled to walk through Auschwitz dressed as a German soldier,circa 1940's? No! Why not ? Oh because it's deemed unlawful (antisemitism laws) so why do you think you can flout the laws of Qatar? If you don't agree…..fuck off and go dressed as Elton John to watch Watford play

  3. NEWS FLASH: A world religion 1400+ years old, dominant in 70 countries, which is the most practised religion today with the most memorised book on earth, with social laws that are clear in its texts and implemented for hundreds of years in AFrica, Asia, Middle East and Europe is not going to abandon its religion, beliefs, laws, morality, social views, family values because England have a gay activist captain and because the BBC is now an LGBT propaganda network. ANd if you want to boycott people who oppose homosexuality, that is probably about 4-5 billion people at least you are going to have to boycott and you will find yourselves without a lot of resources, oil just being one of them. The Muslim world has much more reason to boycott USA, UK, France and Israel…due to all the bombs that have been dropped on women and children in Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Somalia, Yemen etc. When England won the world cup in 1966, homosexual acts were forbidden in UK…Gay marriage was forbidden until very recently in UK, also teaching of homosexuality in schools was forbidden in schools by Conservative Party until very recently too. Catholic church still forbids homosexuality as most other Christian churches/denominations too.

  4. England won the world cup when Homosexuality was forbidden in UK…1966. So is gay activist Kane going to boycott England's world cup winning squad and in fact England itself as seeing as England have not distanced themselves from their past victory? I was unaware that the rules of football now include the obligation to be pro-homosexual and and pro-transgender? Do you get sent off if you are not? What is the football process now? A pre-match questionnaire?

  5. Was it actually real money? No one will ever know! £10k could have been used for so many good causes rather than the shredder. What an idiot. He could have made his statement some other way. I have no respect for him. Spoilt rich twat!

  6. Shame he didn't shred himself! That would be more funnier than any joke Lycett ever told!

  7. And another thing is did that joe stand in the the queue to pay respects to the Queen as David did … was it you didnt like the thought that there was a better Queen than u in the room and u weren't the centre of attention lol

  8. Joe who?
    Let the idiot burn his money.

    I will be enjoying the greatest tournament in the world

  9. That joe is a bullying person.
    Its up to any one if they dont wish to join in .
    Its the rule of that country . Tuff

  10. She is absolutely right no we do not have the right to change what a country, whose laws are based on their religion, should do but we sure as hell can not host events there it’s pretty unbelievable that it’s even happening there really

  11. There’s something seriously wrong with someone who makes threats on behalf of an entire community, like who made you King of the Gays, and since when have you as a community cared about Qatar or football.

    They have weird laws, ways and opinions of the Middle Ages yes, but they are allowed to do as they want just as we are.

    It’s almost as if the universally found disgruntlement of Qatar hosting a World Cup found in those passionate about everything football is having a bandwagon attached so that anything unrelated to football can be included. On behalf of football fans everywhere, who look forward to this for four years, go away!!

    Milking the opportunity for free exposure. I’m all for equality but the way Joe comes across makes you dislike him, you just want him to shut up.

  12. The world cup in Qatar is a disgrace , DB is one greedy sh.t . Along with the rest of the idiots who are going. The UK should be ashamed of playing in Qatar.

  13. David Beckham had made millions from the gay and lesbian community -all for the cash ! DB is the epitome of Maggot … he sold out for money !

  14. Throwing that amount of money into a shredder during a cost-of-living crisis smacks of privilege.

  15. £10m or £10k going to charity… such a difficult dilemma. It’d be like someone saying to me you can either have a grand for something I love or I can refuse that grand so you can donate a tenner to a cause I don’t really give two hoots about.

  16. Asking a football player to show integrity over financial gain is like asking a fish to breath liquid nitrogen. They are unable to do it when their entire career has been fleecing the uk out of taxes with clever loop holes. They don’t have a shred of decency in them!


  18. Are u going to qatar for watching world cup or promoting homosexuality just respect the rules of a country and just look into the real purpose of visiting the country

  19. Beckham need the money to keep his wife business afloat as it loses money every year. A great football turned into a greedy one who will do anything for money

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