James Pearce talks Liverpool Jude Bellingham & more #lfc #bellingham

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James Pearce talks Liverpool Jude Bellingham & more #lfc #bellingham

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  1. The bits I heard is JB wants Liverpool move hence the reason his dad and his agency turned io over the Easter wkend .. Liverpool then put in a bid of £85m-£89m
    The fact that James says Liverpool didn’t know ? Seems a bit weird because the bits I heard is he’s not motivated by money ( ok would still get a good wage )
    But he loved the project and wanted to emulate his idol Gerrard . So for me I think it is a ploy .. because if Jude wants Liverpool as it’s been publicised . Then there’s is no bidding war and I think Liverpool will get him for around £110 after add ons . But need to get other players in first simply because Dortmund are in a title race . I think the £130m was chucked at Liverpool for bidding in April instead of waiting .

  2. Liverpool must buy midfielders who are very defensive and holding and can play along with Trent who will usually plan for effective assists/crosses/passes. MacArthur and Caicado can be the good ones!

  3. 1:13 oooh wait James… what happened to the tweet “the net spend boys quiet tonight”, 8 years later and you’re questioning the net spend.
    Last summer you reported we didn’t need any more signings. Couple months later ya change your mind.

    Between yourself and Bascombe, you created a divide within the fanbase. Your article about FSGOUT and the plane over Anfield and kissing you to Redmen TV… sickening. If you did your homework you would know who organised that plane.
    You get abuse cause you give abuse.

    A lot of media, YouTubers and podcasters that cover liverpool tow the line to keep their exclusives. Neil Akinson interviewed Klopp and there was a clip of him laughing and commenting on “some fan’s fascination about signing a midfielder”.

    Everyone knows we need to sign a midfielder. If you’re gonna do an article about FSGOUT, interview someone who is FSGOUT James. No point asking Paul Machin or you about FSGOUT. Your work is one sided and biased.

    Also would love to know what article ya wrote to upset Klopp.

  4. It's Over. No transition 🚫
    James Pearce ALWAYS WRONG. all over the place in this interview WOW !!! 😅😢😂 JESUS
    Trent has been fuckin awful . as RB . what has James been watching ffs
    LFC havent won 3 games in a row …whats James motives for Liaring .
    Elliot Lightweight 7 st. Get rid .
    Konate not sure he's top level .

    Keita 54 mill lol
    Ox stealing a living.
    Hendo burnt out.
    Salah believes his PR campaign opponents know his predictable moves.

    James Pearce ALWAYS WRONG. like the Anfield wrap.

    No champions League NO …….big Top Tier players . .
    shopping at Brighton …not Dortmund Ajax juventus,

  5. Yes a RB is needed when Trent goes in midfield there is space left there Konate can only cover so much times , so getting a RB should be an important deal to get done

  6. This whole argument of "but the 2 games trent has played well is in the inverted full back role", is so stupid.
    When he's playing well, his position on the pitch is a midfielder. It doesn't matter what fancy name you call it, he's playing in midfield then sometimes covering at RB.
    It's blatantly clear for all to see that midfield is his position but Pearce is like "no he's playing inverted fullback though" shut up.

  7. Calvin Ramsey will prove that he’s got what it takes to be a Liverpool legend next year he’s a better defensive player than Trent is that is a fact the only thing I would say is he’s definitely got to work hard on his deliveries into the attacking third but this fella can really defend got two great feet a great dribbler and he’s got fantastic pace plus and more importantly he can defend we will be alright next season with a couple of additional players we go again am not bothered about the Bellingham situation because we have to do much more in the team blowing your budget on one player does not make sense at all ynwa

  8. 100% 63 games short break early pre season definitely hit hard but they also could have been preparing 2/3 windows back… YNWA but the drop off was not expected

  9. James Pearce – The guy who called out intelligent and ambitious Liverpool fans for wanting the failing, trophyless (and now jobless/sacked) Rodgers out of the club. The reason they wanted him out was PROVEN after his departure, because there was a far more competent manager out there who could come in and work with the same conditions Rodgers did, and win trophies. He owes these fans a lifetime of apologies.

    What of course all of that proved was that Pearce is incompetent and shouldn't be listened to. In fact why is he still in a job in journalism? Surely, like an incompetent worker, he should be handed a P45 and find a new trade.

  10. Tired of the Bellingham circus.
    He's not worth 130 million. It's hard to get excited at Bellingham at that money, if he was 70 80 million great potential prospect, he's doesn't now or is ever going to live up to that price tag .

  11. Bellingham has not disappointed me too much because it was abundantly clear we needed so much more given our budget constraints,however I would be extremely angry if we go out and buy Mason Mount for example,a step backwards in my opinion,and does not strengthen our first 11,we need real creativity in that midfield first and foremost….

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