Is Liverpool’s Season OVER?

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Is Liverpool’s Season OVER?

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  1. If the new owners have any ambition Klopp will be replaced. He’s clearly out of ideas and has run out of time.

  2. I also doubt we will get Bellingham. I am kinda keen on us maybe getting a James Ward Prowse in as a good squad player in he midfield….

  3. I think Klopp is waiting for FSG to sack him. He won't resign because he would lose on the severance money. I know this mess and crisis are not entirely Klopp's fault, but they are MOSTLY his fault. And also he seems incapable to turn it around. The team needs a new manager and also it needs for at least 4 or 5 senior players to leave, like Keita, Gomez, Henderson, Ox, Fabinho…

  4. We need new owners to get all the right jobs in, like a doctor or more analytics. Fsg have cut the budget too much

  5. Liverpool are only ten points off the CL places We’re still in January and we’ll get players back in a month or two. We can’t focus on anyone else. The point against Chelsea was massive considering the team we had and the fact we’re bedding in Gakpo. Gakpo is a slight concern because what is his best position? We need players to make a impact now. Trying to fit in a new player who we don’t know his best position is poor management. We can’t afford passengers right now and Gakpo shouldn’t really be starting matches. That said I’m confident Liverpool will find a way to get top four.

  6. I'd understand if you were to make this video next Sunday after Brighton knock us out, but as it stands we're exactly half way through the league season, 7 points off of top 4 if we win our game in hand & still in the FA Cup and Champions League with Jota, Díaz etc. still to come back. It's far from over, since when did Liverpool fans give up this early?

  7. Gutted to find out this season that Liverpool fans are a bunch of spoiled brats. Saying we need investment, we just played a team that spent £372 million and did it help them beat us? Not at all.

  8. Chelsea look like they are building. I'm not fully sold on Boehly, but they are at least spending some big cash. I think Liverpool may end up heading back to the very grim years.

  9. Liverpool have arrived at a place where they’re paying inordinate sums for players they don’t need as top priorities AND players that aren’t even ready and need a HUGE amount of development & coaching.

    Is this what they meant when they proudly displayed “Back on our perch” after winning just ONE title in 30 years?? And that too, their FIRST & ONLY epl title?

    Are these the standards for lfc now???

  10. I hate to be a dick about your situation but I seen that match as Chelsea’s first step out of the slump we’ve been in especially with the likes of Chilwell, James, Fofana and Kante back training now, Felix, Badiashile and Mudryk looking good coming in and probably should’ve won but only see it getting worse for Liverpool in the next few games. It was the worst Liverpool team I remember us playing against at least since 2016, perhaps Klopps era is over or maybe it’s just the end of this great group of players. Regardless I can’t see you getting past Brighton next week which sounds mad thinking about what I’m saying, Mitoma and Ferguson are on fire right now

  11. Chelsea fan: any Liverpool side from the past 5 years would have dumpster’d us today. However, I was fairly happy with our boys willingness to press despite the Myriad of mistakes we made trying to pass from the back

  12. Mark Bellingham ( his dad ) sees Jude’s next stage in his career going to Liverpool to further develop when he leaves Dortmund . Which will be summer 2023 .
    Klopp’s team have been in contact with Jude’s party .
    Next up klopp will talk to Jude when allowed .
    Jude wants to emulate his hero what better way than to go to Liverpool and be the nee captain after a couple of seasons . Turning Liverpool into a force . I do think salah is done as a wide attacker . Maybe a central forward is the way forward

  13. Top 4 or nothing, the other Euro competitions are merely a drain on resources. I still think Liverpool can make top 4

  14. Hard to watch this team at the moment. I think you're right, there's a lot of moving parts right now and clearly players aren't as locked into one brand of football like Klopp and us fans want. And if this trend persists, why in the world other than sentimentality would Jude Bellingham commit his future to this club?

    One more thing, what the hell has happened to our setpiece defense? Is it really as simple as Henderson and Van Djik not being in the side to set things up, or is it deeper than that? How many times did Benoît Badiashile just waltz his 6'4" self into the penalty box, unmarked? We saw problems similar to this in the Wolves games, in the Brighton game, and particularly in the Brentford game, so what gives? We gotta figure that out, we look like a Championship club whenever there's a corner or a free kick in a dangerous area.

  15. Yes. The only trophy Liverpool will get is that plate. Madrid will smash tem. They are finished .

  16. Gvardiol for defence ,szobozial and Jude midfield , and Federico chiesa or. Kulusevski ,for the right wing , unfortunately it’s not fifa and I can only dream , lfc ynwa x

  17. i thought we played well today, much more exciting to watch than our previous displays this month bar wolves. also we’re up to eighth, not much but improvement nonetheless. will say i disagree with thinking thiago and keita weren’t on today, thought they were our best players

  18. Setelah 30 tahun , Anda semua berhutang banyak tentang permainan Sepakbola modern terhadap Klopp .
    Tolong dijawab Bruh ?

  19. If it was my FIFA career mode I would do this:
    Trent AA
    Van Dijk
    Enzo Fernandez

  20. I think they could be done for the next decade if Liverpool don't start seriously rebuilding their squad.

  21. The quality has dropped off a cliff since last season. Especially in Midfield. Fab, Hendo, Thiago are not good enough anymore. Klopp and the board clealry don't give a shit, seem happy to throw away EVERYTHING we have built over the last 7 years.

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