Is Italian Football That Bad OR Are Juventus That Good?

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Is Italian Football That Bad OR Are Juventus That Good?

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  1. Last two years Serie A is really becoming nice and good competition. Juventus won’t win this year. Milan, Napoli, Atalanta are coming up so the competition is more exciting to watch then La Liga or Premier League.

  2. Italian football is still amazing. Juventus are good and so is the league. Italy also have the best national team ever

  3. Milan couldn't break Juve Hegemony??? Currently Milan are 5 points clear of Inter and 6 points clear of Juve.

  4. Seria A is too easy, Juve is winning titles like crazy but when faced in the champions league they fail to deliver
    Losing to Lyon? That’s a sign the club is slowly dying and Ronaldo is their spark

  5. Simply answer, Juventus was ever a meatgrinder in Serie A, is the team with the most numbers of Scudetti won in the league, but it never had a Champons League winning mentality that took them to lose 3 finals and won only one of it.So the answer is, Juventus is that good? Yes it was abysmally stronger (until Allegri era), but only in Serie A, they don't have that winning mentality that, for example, A.C. Milan will have in a Champions League.

  6. I'm sorry to disenchant everyone, but, even in the last decades, serie a has ruled only by 3 teams: Juventus, Inter and Milan.
    Lazio napoli and Fiorentina has won only two serie a, and Roma 3.
    The only period which serie a was more competitive was the years of seven sisters 1995-2001 (Inter Juventus Milan Lazio Roma Parma fiorentina), and in those years, only Roma and Lazio won 1 time.
    Simply the First three clubs in Italy, since the 60's dominated serie a periodically.
    The difference in this decade is that, since 2012, Inter and Milan suffered from horrible managements and Juventus, without the historical rivals, easily won serie a every year.
    The only real rival in these years was napoli 2015-2018, which arrived every time second performing a better football than Juventus, sadly they never won the title, and that's a real shame.

  7. If u narrate messi u say one the best footballers and for cr7 best athelete ? Why ? Does Ronaldo sprint in or long jumps or swim in olympics ? Cal him simply one the best as messi …

  8. I feel that premier league is the most entertaining followed by serie A, la liga and Bundesliga the competition in serie A has surely increased ac milan, inter, Atalanta, Lazio, napoli are really performing well

  9. Ahhahaha we should lose against Inter Milan that will sign vidal, darmian and kolarov? These are the teams that should destroy the dominance of juve? You guys are deluded and stupid as fuck

  10. Inter had many chances to win on 19/20 season, especially seeing Napoli and Milan are on a slump, but inconsistency in mid season still there like a sore thumb since 6-7 years ago.

    Money (apparently) is not really an issue, as probably many Inter or Serie A fans could see in UEL final match, this Inter squad lacked certain competition-winning mentality, not enough determination and focus to win it.

    Inter can compete, but can't win the competition, yet.

    Inter still steadily increase over previous years tho, not gonna hide that fact.

  11. Juventus got nice players but they cheat with there referees a lot , you can see in CL how they do

  12. When you win 10 straights Serie A titles but only achieve a blowout loss in a singlw UCL final, you realize that Serie A level is really slow. It's just about mentality, really. Big football teams like Napoli, Fiorentina and Roma suffers from unstable economic situations that reflects the italian evonomic situation as a whole, while AC Milan and Inter suffers from very poor management.

    A shame really, over the course of the last 10 seasons I saw a bunch of teams that should have lift the trophy, but you can't really get to salty about that, it's just a game

  13. Juve is the cancry of the italian football.
    Many do not know that even after the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus continued to receive favoritism, creating a monopoly in Serie A. In fact, it is no coincidence that Juventus remains the most hated team in Italy, millions of Italians have preferred to cheer for Lyon in this Champions League rather than the team that has dirtied the reputation of the Italian League

  14. 1:10 what the fuck are you talking about? 😂Their first ever scudetto?! That's interesting… The Vetchia Seynoria has only 9 titles and here I thought they were rocking the league with their 38 titles… stupid me 😂

  15. You obviously don’t know, or don’t remember, HOW Juventus won those scudettos, especially The one two years ago With Napoli being 2nd at 93 points…

  16. It's that bad, Juve is good and the reffs are there to help them. So it is a mix. Trust a long time Serie A fan.

  17. Juventus’s decade of dominance perfectly coincided with the collapse of most of the great clubs of Italy, AC Milan, Inter, Lazio, Fiorentina, while Roma and Napoli never really stood that much of a challenge.
    Whilst for the Champions League, Juventus are the renowned chokers of the competition, and again, Roma and Napoli aren’t that great of contenders.

  18. It's been bad from 2010 since 2018, now everyone have raised their levels and squads like Inter and Atalanta are coming close to Juve.

  19. Just remember what happened in 2006 to Juventus. Now is the same, everyone knows but no one talks.

  20. Italian teams simply aren't good enough nowadays. Back then you could see The Seven Sisters (Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, AS Roma, Lazio, Parma, Fiorentina) having major stars in their teams with beautiful football, and mid-table teams also had at least one or two star players who could deliver surprising results.

    Nowadays, only Juventus can entice many proven above average players. Inter had to resort to buy EPL rejects like Alexis Sanchez. Why bother fighting together and experiencing heartbreak with the likes of Inter or Lazio, when you can get a winning medal by sitting on Juventus bench?

    Emre Can understood it well. So did Benatia.

  21. It's an urgent shame that these clubs are going through such a tumultuous time, but on a serious note please ask someone else to be the announcer. You have a very slippery voice. It's like your salivary glands are producing a lot and every time you reach the end of a sentence your mouth is just full, you are avoiding the saliva from coming out and it is evident in your speech. Better have someone else speak. You're welcome.

  22. Serie a is fucking rigged… the referees are always helping Juve… It's sad to say it, but it's true

  23. Juventus real rival was Milan, and Berlusconi after made Milan the greatest team in history destroyed it… he also destroyed a country you know… that's all

  24. The funny thing is that, juve at its peak is not even near to the Champions League.

  25. I'm a AC Milan fan and let me tell you, Juve are going to have run for their money, AC Milan,inter,Lazio, Atlanta are going to give them a run.🔥

  26. Juventus weren't great this season and still lifted the title, im a Juventus fan and grateful for the title but… its kinda boring, the only reason there was any competition this season is because Juventus was bad and STILL won the league.

  27. i watch seria A since the 80s i never seen it as low as now.
    hope inter and AC will start to be a force again

  28. Seria A is as corrupt as it can get. It doesn’t make sense that a team that continues to do so poorly in Europe has no rivals in Italy

  29. I'm so sorry for Juve fans… but this coming season will not be easy for them and they are not going to lift any cups… I mean not even one!
    Juventus is clearly on the decline!!!

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