Is it time to FINALLY call Lionel Messi the GOAT?! 👀 | ESPN FC

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Is it time to FINALLY call Lionel Messi the GOAT?! 👀 | ESPN FC

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  1. I knew Messi was the GOAT before winning WC and Copa America, but also cannot deny that having those titles adds an special aura to his already greatness.

  2. 1) his wc win is nothing. It was obviously rigged and many don't respect it. 2) if it was off trophies and not ability, then beyonce would be the greatest musician of all time. 3) he's never played in a physical and demanding league. La liga was made for his playstyle. 4) he's always done well with the greatest midfielders of all time. Disregarding this wc, he has never done well on the international stage. This is because he doesn't have iniesta, busqets, and xavi making the goals for him. 5) even his years at barca and the rewards he got are coming under question due to corruption and evidence over evidence of paying referees. All in all, he's a great player but not the goat. Cristiano Ronaldo has played all over Europe, including the physically demanding premier league. He is better on his weak foot and in the air. Had matched dribbling ability until a knee injury. Won with a team that was not as strong as Barcelona, as most el classics showed. Has not been caught on a team paying referees.

  3. I remember Craig saying that Messi was the Greatest Player he has seen without a doubt few years ago I think it was after he scored that freekick against Liverpool. Time changes people's opinions. Not criticising Craig ofc but on Messi's steep decline we're all still debating, while in his absolute prime it was just ridiculous the difference of quality of a single player which often could beat the whole team.

  4. 1. Messi 2. Maradona 3. Pelé 4. Cruyff 5. Di Stéfano 6. Zidane 7. Ronaldo Nazário 8. Puskás 9. Beckenbauer 10. Totti

  5. Messi has alwasy been the Greatest player of all time. and the World Cup just sealed the deal.

  6. Look up a couple of threads discussing whether Messi would've still be the GOAT if he hadn't won the WC. Most people still say yes. That man is just something else, alien.

  7. Messi is the definition of “work in silence and let your success make the noise” that’s why he is the goat from all generations

  8. Messi is GOAT not because of the stats…he hás done só many things that you cant put on numbers.
    He is not the GOAT because of what he has done, but because of how he did…
    And how he was able to change and Shape his game when he realized he was getting older…moving into a playmaker (while keeping scoring and assisting) is Just amazing.

  9. How is it settled ronaldo is 37 and nessi is 35. Plus ronaldo was benched most of the world cup. Also deciding the goat based on one world cup tournament is blatantly stupid

  10. 16 years.. 16 years and still going and performing at the highest level.. It's not a joke or something to be taken for granted. I do feel blessed to watch him play.. The memories Messi has imprinted in our lives with his style of play and most importantly his humble and discipline character and not to forget his philanthropic work makes him even more great. There was never a debate.. He was the GOAT even before he won the Copa and the World cup.. Messi is truly the People's Champion and after winning the Copa and the World Cup he has given hope to Millions around the globe..Thank you Messi for playing this beautiful game.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. Wenger saw messi as the best ever when he was 23.. The man was ahead of other "football know it alls "

  12. But you guys have to understand that two out of those three World Cups that he won he was injured on the bench did not pay the whole tournament two World Cups and then you're talkin about the best dribbler magician when Messi was around 20 + 28 he was like an Android I mean every single game but it wasn't 345 Defenders still score Messi at the best too many trophies too many individual trophies

  13. If Maradona or Pele were to play today, Messi would be way better than them, same way as if Messi would play on Pele’s time Pele would be 10 times better, however to be the GOAT in any sport you have to be not only the best in your time, but also be the first to break some barriers and to make what seemed impossible possible , you can’t compare skills as if is all the same all the time , standards change with time , any gymnast can make what Nadia Comaneci did , but nobody did it before her, for that reason alone there will never be another Pele

  14. What a fckn shady World Cup this was, 5 pens for Argentina, most given to a country in World Cup history, Argentina the team with most fouls committed in all World Cup and most yellow cards received but ZERO red cards. It has been proven that FIFA is full of corruption many times so nothings credible in football now.

  15. Enough with Pele. Pele did not win 3 World Cups, in two of those 3 he did not even play regularly, the Brazilian team ended up winning them

    Was he a good player? of course. Was he at Maradona's level? I do not think so. And Messi is MUCH better than Maradona.
    And I am Argentine.

  16. Only England says he hasn’t completed football. Shows how self centered they are and they complain about America. He was in the best league a majority of his career and the Premier League just became the best

  17. Oops 😅 than there’s no debate between MESSI AND RONALDO it’s between pele, maradona,and MESSI ❤

  18. Shaka can't even make it to World Cup as a player. It's a joke that he's a commentator. Cannot even see Messi as the GOAT when Messi debut.

  19. I'm an absolute Messi hater….I just don't like him as a person. I dislike Barca since Romario/Stoichkov left….I enjoy more "fighters"…defenders and holding midfielders… Lothar Matthäus is my favorite player of all time…

    But the World Cup win was the most important trophy of his career. So yes. Greatest player of my lifetime…Messi is….only a individual with outrageous bias would claim otherwise.

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