Is Bruno Fernandes REALLY a Playmaker? WATCH and Decide!

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Is Bruno Fernandes REALLY a Playmaker? WATCH and Decide!

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  1. What do you think? Is Bruno Fernandes a world class 'playmaker', or is his accuracy in chance creation too inconsistent?

  2. I’m not in love with how much he loses the ball. He also hides his weaknesses e.g ball carrying, by rushing key passes. He’s polarising, you can only really love him when it works. He’s my favourite player.

  3. his vision and footballing iq are incredible but his execution can be lackluster at times

  4. Bruno Fernandes has the vision and creativity of KDB or Ozil but the accuracy of Jonjo Shelvey. But atleast he is not afraid of taking risks.

    Modern football fans hate risk takers. Ronaldinho was lucky he played in the early 2000's otherwise he would be called a "smiling merchant" or "elastico merchant" or something else

  5. He is a very effective player although he does missplace 2/4 passes. He always has the biggest number of chances created because of his relentless passing. He is more of a team player this season and has really seasoned into a better player with Ten Hag at the helm.

  6. He is an elite playmaker but he cannot put a disguise on passes, unlike world-class playmakers like Messi and Modric. If he develops some pausa and learns the disguised pass, his efficiency will increase significantly.

  7. His long balls are better than his short passes for sure! Not world class yet, but still incisive many times! Something like: SP around 85, LB around 90

  8. Noobs can't understand what he doing. They're low-risk, high-reward situations. Safe pass can't create a chance, look at Spain in WC 2022. Pass easy passes and this channel will make a video: he is a really good playmaker!

  9. He'd be better if he sacrificed and adapted his game to an 8 style CM because I don't think he has enough physical and technical qualities to effect the game as a forward, enough of this number ten nonsense, if you ain creating, scoring, or making high intensity sprints what are you really affecting, he can do the same things he's doing up the pitch a little deeper and bring more balance to the team

  10. if rashford and sancho doesnt misses like a fool .then he is good.bcoz he given many passes that can be scored but mainly sancho cant

  11. hes actually pretty decent, nearing world class, if he works on his timing he can claim the world class title honestly

  12. He is good, but always in hurry, like he is playing basketball and he have to shot / pass beacuse there is a timer!

  13. he is good but unfortunately he need good teammates too which MU doesnt have. team like barcelona will benefit from him

  14. Many of this attempts are thought and executed amazingly. In many of the lost passes, it is due to the reciever. The problem I saw in him is that he tries too hard to create something out of nothing

  15. Bruno is so traditional and average player to play at No.10 position in modern football tactics. I can't believe he is still on the starting XI. Whenever he still at the first XI, United will never could catch up with City, Liverpool or even Arsenal.

  16. He need to take mctominays spot.. we played he in a deeper role in his early days for one match and he was lovely.

    He need to play CM with a CDM with an CAM sitting in front of him and just play it simple. Reduce his risk taking and arrive in the block late. Dare to be a scholes

  17. Hes soo bad and everything has to go through him, so happy we bought in eriksen. In a ten hag system he isn’t enough. We need a mobile CAM that’s a creative and can make runs, and pass.

  18. this man is so overrated you want to win ucl and pl and this man is in ur team and the most funniest thing abt this man he disappears against big teams

  19. If you take Bruno from 1st phase build up, he would be an elite goal scorer and creator. He his no KDB who can be both effective in all phase of play. I expect ETH to get the best out of him.

  20. He is a 2 Season Wonder like Aubameyang,Ferando Torres or Bernd Leno …. He is the shittiest and Most hated Player for Portugal and now he got exposed

  21. He seems to do a lot of risky passes and it's inconsistent, especially when they are not necessary. He should know his limit and play these passes when necessary.

  22. I think he is a mildfielder and needs to be lower in the field to use his passing skills much than actually and he need to work on defense area. He is not a striker for sure and this is the main issue

  23. Bruno pressure is too much especially when Ronaldo came, thats because bruno is the only creative player, other United player expect him to give pass or to assist. Thats why he always try too hard, he often give the ball away because is always in constant pressure to create something.

    But when he play in Portugal he seems to be more calm, because there are bernardo silva, cancelo or jota who are also creative. So Ten hag need to sign another creative midfielder to help bruno or create system of play to create chance.

    If bruno buy into ten hag tactic and be more calm, he will play big part not only as creator but also as goal scorer. We should not forget bruno biggest strength is his goal scoring ability

  24. Bruno is top 1 ucl assists in 2022 ?

    This clip proves that the owner of this chanel is as stupid as his mother.

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