"Impossible Is Nothing" – David Beckham

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"Impossible Is Nothing" – David Beckham

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  1. @ChRIs23696 i know what u mean.. But Beckham plays for England, the pressure is fucking huge and i hate to say it but when we lose we ALWAYS need an excuse.. Beckham sending of versus Argentina at the World Cup, which we eventually went on to lose and go out on penalties.. the whole Nation blamed one man, Beckham.. its nothing like Messi's growth problem when he was younger, i was just saying he got abused during that time!! Anyway im not a big fan of Beckham, and Messi is fucking god!!!

  2. oh poor guy was he okay? i mean messi had a growth hormone problem and was the height of a 9 year old when he was 11, jonah lomu had a huge kidney problem that destroyed the nerves in his legs, but i mean a red card surpasses all. jesus christ its a red fuckin piece of paper. ive had 2 this season and i didnt make an advert about it.

  3. Umm, red card? That's the "impossible" for Beckham? Lionel Messi's ad for this campaign is WAY more effective & moving…

  4. Are you serious? every on impossible is nothing has stories of their difficulties making it and through all odds they achieved great things, but he gets a commercial and his problem is that he gets a red card when he is already a professional player playing for england?…..

  5. the thing was, he didnt need to kick that argentinion (spelling?) thats what pissed everyone off.. so it was case of him not thinking.

  6. im with you mate. hes one of the best footballers from England, not only for his talent, but with his heart and courage and determination. he made a bad mistake, paid the price. and look at him now. hes had a brilliant carrear. (spelling?)

  7. I watch all of the other IIN adverts about athletes with ACTUAL problems and worries, and having to overcome adversity such as growth anomalies, organ troubles and career threatening injuries… and then you watch this… A stupid guy from Leytonstone that kicked out at another when on the ground and under the belief the referee wasn't watching, was red carded, sent a bit of hate-mail for a stupid in the first place… BAN IT!

  8. He lashed out at a player, let down his team mates, and then repeated it all over again against Necaxa with Man U. Not surprisingly it once again raised questions about his temperement. If he had managed to contruct more goals in 98 how ever as soon as he comes against a proper team like Argentina, he would be maybe remembered in history as a half decent player. But he won't, possibly by a few female fans and gay hairdressers in LA.

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