I'm Zlatan Ibrahimović

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I'm Zlatan Ibrahimović

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  1. Ponos Bosanski bar za nas koji te cjene , da nam je normalan nogometni savez bili bi bogatiji za jednog od najboljih igrača ikad 💪💪

  2. Bro he’s the only pro saying he’s the best but hasn’t won shit not even individual trophies he had one good goal😂

  3. When Zlatan looks in the mirror he doesn’t see shit, cuz there is only one Zlatan ☝️

  4. The goat is debatable, its either messi or ronaldo. BUT WE ARE ALL KNOW WHO IS THE LION 🦁

  5. Beside these jokes,he truly is a legend at 41 as a striker still in his top performance giving Milan trophy,and who remember when him and Ronaldo meet Sweden vs Portugal damn that match those two fought so good

  6. 30th February is the worst day in Zlatan's life. That's why this day is no more again

    :Copied from someone

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