I'm Done With Harry Maguire | Gary Neville Goes IN! Fans Want #MaguireOUT

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I'm Done With Harry Maguire | Gary Neville Goes IN! Fans Want #MaguireOUT

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  1. Maguire would'nt be captain at Burnley ffs… need to sell him 1st thing in the summer. Fuck the losses of money, hes the worst CB i've seen put on a Utd shirt.

  2. Why is everyone complaining about captain Harry … he gives me so much joy and happiness…he is hands down the most entertaining defender in the league . The Harry Maguire meme just keeps delivering week in week out . Harry the donkey/ goat .

  3. ManU need to keep their investment valuation in Harry. They spent 80m.. if he doesn't play, his valuation drops. ManU Financials takes a P&L hit on an impairment hit

  4. The reason Maguire is still captain and selected every game is man utd cannot accept Maguire 80m fee as a mistake and panic buy, they are selecting him hoping he will sort himself out, he has never been an 80m player in the first place and he doesn't even come close to what a typical man utd player is, buying him is the 1 move man utd made that made them decline and has been in decline ever since, but man utd big chiefs do not want to accept that they made a mistake to buy him, and also they needed a ready-made English player to comply with being in European competitions as you have to have a certain amount of homegrown players in the squad. What i struggle to understand is they clearly know he is costing man utd goals and points lost with his mistakes and own goals, man utd have been left to rot and now its not a case of a big money signing its a complete rebuild job now, they need a complete new defense incl gk, and ralf moving upstairs is a bad move also. Get ten haag in with van de sar to replace ralf upstairs, and with a good 300m budget to sort defense out then they can start to improve, but this man utd is just terrible, feel sorry for ronaldo playing for a club like this, coming home to a shit team is not what he wants, hope he goes for the sake of his career

  5. 100% agree with most of this, but the managers have no power, the owners and board just don't want investments they have made to drop lower in value and they have no idea what they are doing. Managers we have had in the past all were not signing players they actually wanted to sign. Clubs doomed till we get new owners

  6. I have to agree with every single word you said about Man Utd whilst looking at the club‼️The players are getting paid a hell of a lot of money, yet they play so rubbish now🙄 Pogba/Maguire/Rashford.
    Also Rangnick apologising after each loss and then most probably relaxing after it’s all over not worrying how the United fans are all feeling❗️

    As for Rashford, if he is thinking of looking at joining a different club then at least finish the current season for his club with all the special tactics that he used to use‼️That’s why he was chosen to join this team, but lately he has been very bad when trying to score❗️

  7. You have to pay £80m to get a player that can make a 10 point per season difference to a PL club. Man U can get that for nothing by writing off HM

  8. Phuc ManU,I'm More Worry England & The WorldCup, Harry's Flatfooted,Never Tracks Back & Forces the Team To Play Defensively Deep,Hence The Euro Finals Result⁉️ #YNWA

  9. I am an Arsenal supporter myself but the ManU supporters in my circle are ALL baffled. I'd be honest with you: I hope McGuire will play when you guys come to the Emirates.

  10. Let's face it, you haven't really signed any good coaches since Fergie, or at the very least, coaches who fit your team… i'm saying this as a fan of another club that didn't sign the right coaches in the past few years – Barcelona. Moyes and Solskjaer were both very unproven at the top level. Van Gaal and Mourinho are inconsistent and have been fired more from jobs than the successes they've achieved. Mourinho needs infinite resources to win something significant, and even then his 3rd seasons always end in utter colapce, with scandals and blaming of his own squad, but never pointing a finger at himself. Rangnick? Who's that guy? Yeah, i get it, he has like 40 years of experience at the job, but how many leagues have he won in that period? And how many top teams has he coached?

    Ten Hag might just be the right one you need, the guy has a style and phylosophy, and i'd be excited to see him in MU if i was a fan, just as i'm excited for Xavi now. But still, Ten Hag (just like Xavi) is not yet proven in the big leagues, so anything can happen. Whatever it is though, they have to give him at least 2-3 seasons, to implement his own transfers and ideas.

  11. Maguire is Overated
    I have seen Juggernauts turn faster
    Square Head Will always Pkay for England – as Southgate knows FA about Football – Who us Going to Buy Square Head ? His Value today
    20m – Rashfird – 20m Greenword – Free – Pogba – Toxic – 30m – Bruno – 20m – Shaw – Free – 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Since he brought them up, Rashford and Martial…
    I believe I saw them their first years at Man Utd. My immediate impression has held true. That the club would never win anything with them on the pitch. Rudimentary skills, lack of imagination. Taking up space on the pitch. Man Utd could have done better all these years. Not ever up to United's standards. All the while City was bringing in and developing so many wonderful players up front.
    Maguire has given many good performances. If he is near the end, sorry he has fallen so far.

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