I went for a walk in Barcelona

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I went for a walk in Barcelona

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  1. "I'm part of the problem" … something I have to remind myself when I'm in Barcelona getting annoyed at "the tourists" because I've been so many times it's my second home. Back again in May to contribute to the problem.

  2. I went to a rave on that hill in September called brunch in the park and it was excellent. What a city, especially loved the hospital by the beach who helped staple my head back together

  3. Robbie I really can’t get over how handsome you look in the thumbnail, I think it’s that but it stubble your growing, gives u a very chiseled look.
    I’ve listened to u on happy hour since the Halloween with Dudley rhino, that was the first one I ever listened to, since I haven’t stopped. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on one of your videos, but I must say you taught me a very important lesson
    I want to live a life in which I get the chance to do that, stories are enchanting. Perhaps the best way to document life experiences, is sitting around your friends, telling a great story
    U taught me that lesson
    Thank you Robbie
    From Ahmad 🤍

  4. The swimming pool is great in the summer, amazing views, albeit a bit expensive. It's also where Kylie Minogue filmed her 'Slow' video, funnily enough.

  5. there's an amazing steak place near the marina called La Malandria, the steaks are huge, amazing quality, and inexpensive. We go every time we visit Barca!

  6. Been to Barcelona once. Went and visited the cathedral, nou camp and a fountain show in the evening. Unfortunately the weather was a bit pants but would love to visit again.

  7. “I’m part of the problem aren’t I “ is pure Robbie 😂keep
    Up the good work fella 👍

  8. You do seem to enjoy travelling to similar places to me Robbie! Dubrovnik and now Barcelona. I’ve been to Barcelona more often than any other foreign city. It love it, it has everything.

  9. I hope Robbie never changes the style of these vids. We follow precisely because he does the opposite of all other YouTubers: no shouting, needless gimmicks or forced fun. Feels just like you’re having a chat with one of your old pals as they update you about their latest adventure.

  10. I'm going to Barcelona in a few weeks!

    Firstly, I'm flying with Ryanair, how do I "check in properly"?

    And, what would you recommend we do? We are going for a week :))

  11. Robbie gets 2 days off from the Tour so goes to Barcelona to stretch his legs. Legend.

    (I am fully aware this was pre-recorded 😂)

  12. Hey Robbie, I know you’ve spent a lot of time in Barcelona have you ever been up to the civil war bunkers? (MUHBA Turó de la Rovira)
    If anyone is going I’d recommend it….incredible views

  13. Barcelona is a very nice city. Quite compact but with a good green area. The added beach is nice. The food is good. Las ramblas is ok.

  14. Love this area of Barcelona. Thanks for walking there Robbie and bringing back some memories. Ryanair are dead to me

  15. Screw Ryanair, next time you should find a chariot and attach Fluffball and Internet explorer to it, enabling you to cross the English Channel at supersonic speed with the power of kittens on your side!

    4:21 Also, couldn’t agree more with that! Humans weren’t designed to constantly be in tribes. Usually on my solo ventures, I listen to Happy hour

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