I Try out in Barcelona EP.1

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I Try out in Barcelona EP.1

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  1. Jay, i am a big fan, do you ever think you are interested in coming down to Singapore to play in our Singapore League? its a small league and not so attractive but i would love to see you play here.

  2. Where can I find try outs?I'll go anywhere,I'd appreciate if anybody can reply to this comment and KEEP IT UP JAY!❤

  3. I can't believe that I have been following your channel for some time, and you just played next to my home. Like wtf, totally unexpected. Keep up the good work!

  4. 닭트넘이나 맹구도 ㅈㄴ 못하는데 제이님은 왜 epl이나 유명 구단 안가세요? 충분히 실력은 있으신것같은데…

  5. 잘나가는 프로도 아닌데 아들의 꿈을 저렇게 응원해주시는 아버지 진짜 존경 스럽네..

  6. Jay thank you for making me concentrate on my game i use your tactics and have became better with and without the ball thank you so much brother.

  7. Hello Jay, I just wanted to clarify for some people in the comments.
    CE Mataró indeed plays in Primera Catalana, wich is first division, but regionally speaking. Primera Catalana would be like a league just for teams in the state/region of Cataluña. In Spain, when you get promoted from your regional first division, you start playing other teams from other regions in Spain. The division order would be:
    1. LaLiga (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc…)
    2. LaLiga2 (Alaves, Granada, Huesca, etc…)
    3. Primera RFEF (FC Barcelona B. Real Madrid Castilla, Deportivo la Coruña, etc…)
    4. Segunda RFEF (Hercules, Recreativo de Huelva, Valencia B, etc…)
    5. Tercera RFEF (Girona B, Huesca B, Getafe B, etc…)
    6. Primera Catalana or regional equivalent (CE Mataró, FC Santboià, UA Horta, etc…)

    So, in terms of the whole Spain, Jay played a match in sixth division.

  8. Im so happy for you!!
    Thefact that you went from chalange videos to try out for barselona is amazing!!!!
    There is a chance we might see you in fifa cup 😁

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