I let A.I. fix Chelsea in FIFA 23

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I let A.I. fix Chelsea in FIFA 23

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  1. crazy crazy content man ….this is AWESOME ….the first time I'm watching your channel tho and i feel welcome already…nice job man

  2. I stopped watching when dude said "that is so much" for Brendan Rodgers being the manager instead of Tuchel💀

  3. What did you ask chat gpt because I’m asking the same stuff but not getting answers, for example it doesn’t tell me anyone to sign

  4. Bro it was clearly Chilwell that made the clearance at 3:40, what’s up with these fifa ytbers man😂

  5. It’s pronounced “Grey-em” not “gram” – he’s an English man, say his name the way it’s supposed to be said. Typical Americans not caring about pronunciation

  6. This is an amazing way to do a career mode. Amazing vid keep up the great work👍

  7. As an albanian i gotta appreciate that u trusted in broja our wonderkid

  8. I'd love to see a ChatGPT of what team Jesse Marsch goes to next, and the rebuild.

  9. JT! Emergency Message! If the new owners won’t sack Potter- Once the Dortmund game is over-we’ll have lost to Spurs & be out of the Champions League -with no hope of Europe next season…..Get in John Terry as assistant manager NOW! 4EVRBLUE ¡

  10. This is fake! ChatGPT has real life data updated only till 2021. And at 6:03, it says Joules Kounde is from Barcelona. But when checking with ChatGPT in real, it would be that Kounde is from Sevilla as back then he has not transferred to Barcelona yet. This is continued for other players in the video as well and Totally rigged content!

  11. I know these vids take a while to be completed…but please do one for united…if possible 🎐

  12. Wigan athletic are struggling in the championship, maybe you should do an ai career mode with wigan

  13. Man let Lukaku dunk on him for 2 straight seasons that alone deserves sacking 😂😂😂 great fun to watch though

  14. FunFact: in four games against Chelsea, Lukaku just scored more goals than he did when he was at Chelsea.

  15. 12:10

    If it ended as a draw (4-4 aggregate), Madrid would have gone through on away goals

    Learn your rules man, you make fifa videos for a living 😂

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