I Fixed Chelsea… in FIFA 23

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I Fixed Chelsea… in FIFA 23

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  1. S2G kinda messed up when he said that sterling had a chance to finish up the game against Liverpool – his former club. I don’t know much abt football but I’m pretty sure raheem sterling played for Liverpool lol 18:54

  2. Everyone who loves sterling when he said sterling’s f former club is Liverpool 😤😕🤬😡

  3. You can sign ronaldo cabaris from brazllian league
    He is mid but can play as a winger.
    Have pace,shooting,curve,balance

  4. I love Broja because im a Chelsea and im Albanian!!
    Your the only amazing youtuber that does FIFA content that has talked about Armando Broja that's why your my favorit YouTuber!!
    My favorit YouTuber was BFordLancer but🍑now you are my favorit YouTuber!!🤗🤗

  5. Chelsea only 2 Champions leauge Madrid 14 Champions leauge bruh they have 12 more titles

  6. Am I the only one who realised that he said that Liverpool was sterling's former club

  7. Can you teach me how you're a great manager because my highest rating on FIFA 22 is 90

  8. You could have used Mount in CM and Aubameyang at LW instead of that weird formation lol but whatever works I guess

  9. Fifa isn't nuanced, detailed, dynamic enough for you to say you've fixed a team. Especially when you control the matches

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