Husky in Liverpool, The Longer Edition

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Husky in Liverpool, The Longer Edition

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  1. Now I know why all the talented stars all came from there Beatles. Lulu. So many. Just look at the place it's gorgeous so much history. You could. Actually feel just by looking at those places what great energy so many superstars. Walked. Threw there. Even historic people from the past walked threw there. Memorizing very emotional. Too if you think about it. I love your country. There is alot of uniqueness .

  2. It's much better where you live.too busy and noisy in the cities ! Sherpa needs peace and quiet and fresh air to breathe not carbon monoxide from all the cars…

  3. Absolutely wonderful vlog, Jamie!
    Made me feel, as usual, rather homesick!😔
    Just good to see you and Sherpa wandering around Liverpool!
    I've never been there, so it was an amazing insight to the place!
    Thanks so much for sharing your journeys!
    All love and best wishes to you both, Claire, Lucy the cat, and Tommi the rescue dog, Berlin!

  4. I feel like I'm almost there, in the different cities with you and Sherpa. It's wonderful to get to see a tiny bit of places that I would love to see and explore but never could on my own through yours and Sherpa's eyes. So ,thank you.

  5. What an amazing adventure!!!! Thank you Sherpie and Jamie for taking us along with you!!!! Glad to see you getting in the pics Jamie!!!! Sending love and hugs from NY State 💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗

  6. Hello Jaime & Sherpa 🙂 Happy Birthday Sherps!!!! You bring love and joy to the world and I LOVE you for it! God bless you!!!

  7. It's amazing watching you walk around my City. I used to work in the Albert Dock and we would go to Rubens for a cup of soup and a sandwich for lunch or Costa if we were feeling flush. Have a drink or two at the Pump House. Our works favourite pub was by the Victoria Monument were teams would go for nights out. Matthew Street, my favourite place there is Flannigan's Irish Bar with live music downstairs. There are so many lovely places to see in the city centre, I would recommend St George's Hall and gardens and the Baltic Triangle for street art which you weren't far from. Some great placed to eat and drink and further out some beautiful parks.

  8. Liverpool is amazing! Love all the old buildings! Just beautiful by the sea. Looked like a gorgeous day for it. I’m glad you got to have your picture taken with Sherpie. Hope they turned out nice. Have a blessed day!! 🤗❤️

  9. Oh Jamie thank you for that! I have been cleaning up a little after the storm, nothing bad tho. Still waiting to hear from my cousins down in S.W. Fla. Sherpa you are just a cutie! Love you Sherpa!!😘😘

  10. Grazie x farmi viaggiare con il pensiero in posti dove io non posso arrivarci eppoi in compagnia del tuo splendido ANGELO SHERPA BAY BAY ITALIA CHE BELLI. PAESSAGGI

  11. Thank you , the city is so tidy and clean .
    Took a YouTube city walk of London .didn't like it .
    I like liver pool .
    Happy birthday to Sherpa .
    Thank you for gifting us with your walks and talks .
    Lovely .
    In USA Utah .

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