How Zlatan became Zlatan

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How Zlatan became Zlatan

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  1. 4 – 3 – 1 – 2

    Goalkeeper: MAIGNAN

    Centre Back: KALULU & TOMORI
    Right Back: CALABRIA
    Left Back: HERNANDEZ

    Deffensive Midfielder: TONALI
    Central Midfielder: BENNACER & VRANCKX
    Attacking Midfielder: REBIC

    Complete Forward: IBRAHIMOVIC
    Target Man: GIROUD

  2. the reason everyone likes ibra is becoz he is charismatic and secondly, lets be honest, we all tried his one liners infront of our friends and teachers

  3. Zlatan was born to then Yugoslav immigrants in Sweden in 1981 where he grew up. The Breakup of Yugoslavia happened 10yrs later… Zlatan is many things including someone who encountered xenophobia & racism in his youth but he's not a child of war refugees.. others born in the 90s were such but not Zlatan

  4. Zlatan is Zlatan, to me one of the most feared strikers of our era. His vision of the game was at times underrated, but he was critical in every team he played. Sure his ego got him very far.

  5. Via his Wikipedia.

    What war was there in the former Yugoslavia when he was born in Sweden?

    Ibrahimović was born in Malmö, Sweden, on 3 October 1981.[27] He was born to a Muslim Bosniak father, Šefik Ibrahimović, who emigrated to Sweden in 1977,[28] and a Catholic Croat mother, Jurka Gravić, who also emigrated to Sweden, where the couple first met.[29] Ibrahimović began playing football at the age of six, after receiving a pair of football boots. He alternated between FBK Balkan, a Malmö club founded by Yugoslav immigrants, Malmö BI and briefly BK Flagg football clubs.[30][31]

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