How To Style Chelsea Boots As An Adult Man

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How To Style Chelsea Boots As An Adult Man

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  2. That’s why I prefer rubber sole lawry over leather sole ones. The leather is so fine on it but it has rubber sole. Which is like going to ball in your pajamas.

  3. If you need someone to tell you how to style yourself, you're not a man, you're kid. If you're doing like a Hitch/ crazy stupid love type make over okay cool, but you're a man, own your shit. Regardless if it's uncoordinated. Have your own style.

  4. I like my RM Williams. Dressy, but quite rugged, cost about £400. here in UK. The soles can be leather or Dainite. They are Goodyear welted but still look sleek, uppers are cut from one piece of suede, calfskin or kangaroo hide.

    Also good for rougher everyday wear are UK made Solovair boots which have Doc Martin type soles but are of a better (GWelt) construction with better leathers, cost about £200.

    Chelseas are also known as Dealer boots over here.

  5. Lately I started to disrespect narrowed boots, and all Chelsea boots I've seen for sale are narrowed 🙁 they make your toes and shape of your feet to deform with time.
    What I'm probably trying to say is that after certain age you say "goodbye" and "go away" to things that are uncomfortable despite looking stylish and cool.

    What about the favorite company I believe it is Camper, they have some collections that are not narrowed and really comfortable.

  6. Got my first one today from Woodland… Looks amazing with a camel colour and hoping to rock the same!

  7. for some really interesting boots you should checkout gaucho ninja. Amazing craftsmanship and interesting materials and designs.

  8. Thanks Antonio recently ordered some Chelsea boot’s from Beckett Simonon . Was also considering ordering from 3DM Lifestyle, since they’ll arrive in a timely manner. Have you ordered from them before?

  9. What's wrong .with the air wear /Dr martens sole type very comfy .reasonably hard wearing and weather proof walk about all day type

  10. I just bought some Chelsea boots and this bullshit just popped up on my YT feed. Thanks google!

  11. Star War Imperial Stormtroopers wore white painted Dr Martins. There was a theatrical costumiers in London’s Leicester Square with a Stormtrooper in the window when the film was premiered in 1976 and I clearly remember DMs.

  12. I got a pair of embossed leather Chelsea boots from Stacy Adams in 2019, still wearing them today. So they are my go-to shoe brand for sure.

  13. I really liked the 2 videos Ive watched and got fun made the fashion quiz, it was hilarious and the answers even worse. Who helped you to do the questions and witch psycic helped you to do the predictions. And for only 295$ i can be a success! Well i liked your videos, i was about to say that i will continue to, but nah.

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