How to be a Leader – Lionel Messi

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How to be a Leader – Lionel Messi

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  1. كم انت عظيم يا الاسطوره ميسي يلعب وهوى مصاب في رجله تنزف دم

  2. The same people who burned his shirt now, sing his name and proclaim him their king mhh what a story

  3. Messi is a great leader and they made it -They’re champion!👏👏👏🏆🏆🏆🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  4. Man, the more I know about Lionel Messi the most I admire him.

    Truly an inspiring person. This video made me cry, literally.

  5. Ya está hecho Messi campeón del Mundo con la Argentina
    Lionel es más grande que el Diego
    Alguno se enojara pero los números de leo son inalcanzables para todos lo que se quieran comparar y la magia !!!!

  6. Messi is almost like Luffy(one piece), wins everyone's heart, even the ones that hated him. Except the pure evil ones, that want him dead.. 😏

  7. "My mother loves you more than she loves me"
    I couldn't help but laugh 😂. He ain't lying though, Messi is loved by people who love the beauty of football.

  8. In short: a leader is someone who inspires and motivates. Not someone who dictates every step and only thinks about himself.

  9. it's crazy that the only reason people kept trying to say Messi is not a good leader is because he doesn't need to shout, to get unnecessarily angry at his teammates or to display "macho man" "alpha" behavior to command a team and be respected.

  10. The thing i love about the Argentinians is that they criticized him, they burn his shirts but they are the ones who are ready to give their life for Messi and they love and support him again.

  11. Now he doesn’t need any prize to prove his greatness. The way he treats everybody that show everything. ❤❤❤

  12. The red ribbon story that touched my heart. That proves he cares everyone even the reporter. What a great character he is.

  13. Parece muy interesante. Me va a servir como incentivo para repasar y actualizar mi inglés .
    ¿No se le puede activar subtítulos en español ?

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