How many UCAS points are there in an A Level? Figures revealed

Each Level A rank, or equivalent Level 3/SCQF Level 6 qualifications, is worth a certain number of UCAS tariff points.

This allows universities and colleges to draw comparisons between the wide range of qualifications they see on their applications.

On the UCA websitehe says: “Being able to compare qualifications they are less familiar with to more common qualifications such as A-levels encourages fairer decision-making when it comes to making offers.”

We recommend that you plan each scenario before results day.

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Some universities and colleges refer to UCAS Tariff points in their course entry requirements, so this can sometimes be significant in how many you get.

How many UCAS points are A-Level grades worth?

Breaking down A-level grades purely, they are worth the corresponding number of UCAS points:

  • A* = 56
  • A=48
  • B=40
  • C=32
  • D = 24
  • E=16

Points for other qualifications can be calculated on the UCAS tariff calculator herewhich includes BTECS and T levels.

Not all the universities and colleges use the tariff when making offers, as many simply use the qualifications themselves instead.

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UCAS adds: “Some universities and colleges limit the qualifications they accept. For example, they can only accept rate points from the three highest A-levels or Scottish Highers.”

Additionally, some may exclude qualifications if content is duplicated in other qualifications.

He continues: “Universities and colleges generally only have the highest level of achievement.

“For example, they may not count a BTEC award if you got the BTEC certificate in the same subject, or an AS level if you have an A level in the same subject.”

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