Harry Maguire Song

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Harry Maguire Song

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  1. you guys are soo sad to these players, they also have a life, a life that everyone wants to be happy, just imagine, one of u being trolled a lot on the internet. they probably don't even go on the internet, because of you all, both harry Maguire and Phil jones don't want to live anymore cause of you all. be more kind to one another, they are also human beings.

  2. LOL if there anything maguire is known for its for his head and for screwing up all the time

  3. He’s the goat he can score in de geas net whenever he want not in Alison mendy or ederson

  4. Sometimes I don't understand about english football fans chant song tempo. It's sounds like random tempo with gibberish, i can't even follow the way they're singing.

  5. To be fair let’s see any of you try to score past De Gea. Probably not too easy. Probably….

  6. Bellissimo coro da stadio!!
    Grande calciatore!!
    Un eccelso difensore in grado di attaccare stra-bene!
    Campione però solo dentro il campo, perché quando la sua squadra perde in finale, lui si toglie sempre la medaglia d'argento.
    Chi non sa accettare di perdere, non merita di vincere.

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