Harry Maguire Is RUINING His Career.

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Harry Maguire Is RUINING His Career.

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  1. even though maguire looks like an inbred mechanic and he hasn't played on the athletic level of pro footballers for years, he still has a very good looking wife. im not sure how though??

  2. Ummm, he has actually played amazingly this season, I don't think a single goal has been his fault, he's showing great composure and passing game, he's slowly regaining his confidence and he's doing his job fantastically. By the way you're talking about him, it's clear to me you haven't seen a game from this season

  3. Comparing Maguire to David Luiz is insulting to David Luiz. He was Levels ahead of Maguire in every aspect, except worse howlers, and didnt look like he was constantly running in quicksand. Dnt forget at one point Luiz was one of the best CBs in the world, Maguire was never even the best CB in England

  4. Saying Jose Mourinho would've crafted shaw into a world class defender might be the dumbest take has ever had 😂. He literally managed shaw and almost destroyed his career. Also Mourinho doesn't craft young players, he buys older ready made players and fits them into his system.

  5. I don't know if a complete transfer would be the best, but at least a loan on a top 3 team in a mid league or a half table team in the top 4 leagues would be a good change of pace.

  6. English players are overpriced AND overhyped, you can make the exact same video and just replace Maguire's name for Jack Grealish's. Grealish is nowhere near City level

  7. Seen a poll the other day and 90% of united fans want rid of him I’m sick of seeing him as captain he’s shite needs to leave for his own career

  8. Maguire should just go to a retirement league (or at least abroad) honestly. He'll never be respected again in English football

  9. Maguire is a terrible defender. Sorry – he is no good. His off-field antics justify the abuse he endures, if his stupid defensive mistakes did not. What the hell was the brain rust at MU thinking.

    David Luiz is – now – a football god compared to Maguire.

  10. To be fair having brucey not play you probs means ur one of the better cb in the leauge if schar is anything to go by

  11. Harry Maguire is ranked as the fourth best central defender at Manchester united after the Swedish captain Victor Nilsson Lindelöf, Lisandro Martínez and Raphaël Varane.
    Even so Harry Maguire is the captain of Manchester united.

    Don't get me wrong harry Maguire he is a really good player in fact amazing, but the fact he is playing for Manchester united makes harry Maguire look bad even though he is an extremely good player

  12. He should leave Manchester United to move to DC United to be coached by Rooney.

  13. So basically blame ManBanter Toxnited and their entitled fanbase for all of these bad defenders…
    IDK about that.

  14. United seems like a team that would take a midfielder from Brentford on a free transfer…

  15. United didn’t ruin Shaw, he suffered a horrible injury in his first season that for most players would be career ending

  16. The hate for David Luiz always seemed a little unfair to me. He did win the UCL with Chelsea playing excellently (probably the 2nd or 3rd best player in that squad). Even for PSG he was decent for the most part until Luis Suarez destroyed him in that match against Barcelona. It was all downhill from there and he was bad for Arsenal yes, but its not like he was shit all his career and never knew how to kick a ball. Compared with Maguire for example, David Luiz is prime Rio Ferdinand.

  17. He is 100% from the penalty spot, he scores tap-in for fun, they are own goals but in the words of the man himself.
    Harry Maguire: A goal is a goal.

  18. Dude what is your obsession with this guy? Move on! Stop trying to get him to take a pay cut! Stop this pocket watching! It's unmanly!

  19. How is he doing that when everybody knows for the past 5 years that he was a One season wonder, and even after that he wasnt worth 75 mil….

  20. If David Luiz were English they'd chuck 100 mil at him, underperform as per usual, and the press moves on to the next "big" talent of England. England just overhypes any English player who can do more than four keepy ups

  21. 'MaN uTd BrOkE sHaW's CaReEr'. That injury vs psv broke his career not man utd.

  22. The absolute cope of pretending Maguire is a good defender. He isn't. Mid table prem at best, if everyone just closes their eyes. Norwich might be alright

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