Harry maguire is an inspiration 😌❤️ #shorts #trending #football

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Harry maguire is an inspiration 😌❤️ #shorts #trending #football

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  1. Unknown facts about the multi talented LORD: He used to catch rats in the farm, he used to play with buffalos and ride on them, he once bitten a street dog which barks at his nose, he used bully kids and steal their icecream chocolates, he once ran naked to cheer up de gea, he has got more friends in the opponents team than his own team, he is the only player applauded by the opponents when he scores, He promised he won't retire unless he gets a champions league title for MU, You never know what he's gonna do next, he's dangerous and unpredictable, he's that he's this and it's still inside me. Praise the lord

  2. Bro everyone should stop disrespecting our captain of man UTD he maybe is.not in a good form but he did make it to play for England and shocked everyone by playing really good and I can see that he has a great future ahead of him 🎉

  3. Maguire is good he actually made it in the prem if someone just helps Maguire gives him chances ,motivational speeches said to him, he needs comfort I feel bad for him all the mean things said to him I would be so sad if that happened he's a good defender keep In Mind its so hard to become professional
    At football ⚽️ don't troll him 😢

  4. Harry Maguire is actually my favourite defender and I’m not even joking for England he is a goat where don’t believe me go watch some high light of Harry playing for England you will see!

  5. Nobody’s perfect, not even Ronaldo is perfect,not even Messi is perfect! Sure Maguire may not be in a good form right now, but he’s still a great player!

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