Graham Potter's CHELSEA: Winners & Losers

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Graham Potter's CHELSEA: Winners & Losers

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  1. How tf can u want to see kepa on the field ???? I’d rather a great shot stopper in comparison to a gk whose good with their feet Especially cuz the gk main attribute to a team is to keep a clean sheet which requires shot stopping ! Kepa has no reach and fuck mendy is miles ahead of him ! U are one of chelsea problems now a days cuz it’s ppl like u who sit behind their desk with a football IQ of -1 try to tell us chelsea fans Jorginho is a good player breddda jus shut up

  2. Kepa is terrible with his feet, his made waaaay more mistakes than Mendy with his feet with bad passes straight to opponent. Kepa doesn't take a step before he dives which is why he never reaches balls that are to the corner or fat wider than his standing/starting position, Kepa blocks whats in reach or straight to him. Mendy takes a step towards the direction his diving to which is why he stops those shots but also he has longer reach/arms so even if he doesn't take that step and just dives to the side, he has a better chance of reaching the ball than kepa. Kepa gets hanged by shots easily, he is a liability, he is our jorghino in the net, they've figured out his weakness.

  3. Would love to see pulsic play wide left slightly behind Raheem in that hybrid wide winger role. Like trousard did at Brighton. Pulsic is actually a more polished version when in form and I. Think if given. The chance you could play him there then Raheem slightly central with Borja above them then you mount as the right sided 8 tucked in and Reece opposite pulsic

  4. Hard disagree on Havertz. His off the ball work is limited to second hand attempts at imitating Diego Costa and aggrevating opposing defenders, typically to the fanfare of a yellow card and nothing else. His runs in behind are a rarity as he often lacked direction, at least under Tuchel, as to how to get in scoring positions or create chances for others. When he was the number 9 in the side it was a guarantee that I'd see a great ball flashed in front of net and no one to meet it. Not to mention when Ziyech played that ball in behind to Havertz not 2 or 3 games ago, I literally couldn't summon any excitement. I knew for certain he lacked the final product to score. That being said, Havertz clearly has talents and potential, but with that potential also comes limits. He cannot play out wide and he absolutely cannot play at striker anymore. The only way he could ever function in this side is as a number 8 or MAYBE a false nine. His quality showed in transition attacks where he would arrive into the box late or bring the ball up the pitch in a dynamo style. Lets play him there. At ST we'd be better off with Kepa. He has shown he's not ready for that position.

  5. I was curious how much the chelsea squad is worth. It has to be over £1billion now surely. We were at 936 million last season and with 270 million in transfers that must take us well over 1bil.
    Edit: I did a quick add up, using transfer fees we have paid and for players where no fee was paid I just used their transfer value and it came to about 1.1billion

  6. How many people are thinking that this "break" would've benefited Tuchel and given him time to "re-set and re-start" the squad this season??
    Let's hope we don't look back and wish for that and that Potter gets the guys off to a FLYING "RE-start".

  7. You cant actually be "worried" for Ziyech.. doesn't deserve to play again for Chelsea. We critique Puli for ig photos but this guy gets a pass hopping on a jet to Amsterdam straight after a match.

  8. If you ever feel like an idiot, just remember…

    Todd Boehly presented Thomas Tuchel the idea of a 4-4-3 formation.

    Four. Four. Three.

  9. All I truly want is players in there natural positions and a system that compliments the attackers we have. Also some rotation would be okay 👍🏽 all players have the potential to 📈 with Potter. At least once try out Sterling, Aubu, Puli up front.

  10. All of this crap about getting Chelsea back to the top. We are at the top.
    Boehly "Here's Toddy" must have love bombed Thomas with millions of emails and news group discussions so much so that Thomas needed that holistic massage chap and touchy feely giggle training by which time "white man speak with forked tongue" going on in the background grave digging for Thomas to be thrown into.
    Can we we trust the new owners? Doubtful…. trust in as much thats ok finish 5th and we will re group next season HARDLY
    USA since WW2 has engaged in 31 wars not signed off by congress… rather like UK and one focus which is what new owners have and will have.
    As for Chelsea players goodness knows as clearly they have down tools
    Maybe this afternoon like welcoming Liz Truss as the new Mesiah the players are swooning at the feet of Graham Potter doe eyed and adoring having hidden their daggers in their lockers or one of their half dozen cars that one assassin has.
    Do I believe the new owners…… hardly
    Do i believe Potter will do better than Tuchel this season only if the players dont mutiny of course winning anything is possible when January comes around and Ronaldo arrives clearly a massive issue for Boehly…
    The new owners have gotva great club and not need to make it great
    No doubt

  11. your selection was good up until you mentioned Jorginho as the player to be included…well your lineup sucks bro..Put in that ked from Aston Villa than that plumber called Jorginho.

  12. Fofana is a Leyland truck, slow but reliable. He can learn alot about the game from Silva cause if you check it Silva's speed has never been questioned and this is because he reads the game good

  13. I can’t see Azpi, J5 & Ziyech figuring much under Potter.. Broja should get to rotate with Aubameyang and Pulisic with Sterling but I also wonder about Mount & Havertz, can he find a place for both in the 3/4/3.. maybe he’ll swap to a 4/2/3/1, that would allow him to use more of our attacking players and press high up with greater numbers.. it’s going to be interesting for sure..

  14. 4231

    Mendy in goal

    Koulibaly and fofana centre backs reece and cucurella

    Kante and gallager/kova

    Mount, kai in the middle and sterling,

    Sub pulisic on for mount

    Broja at strike

  15. I want to see players given Chances in the teams like Zakaria , Gallagher , Chukumeika ,Amando Broja , Omari Hatchinson , Chalobah then Sale Jorginho & Pulisic in January transfers 💙comon blues.

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